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Side Loaders and Multi-Directional Forklifts

Leavitt Machinery is your destination for sideloaders and multi-directional forklifts! These units provide a complete solution for long load handling and confined spaces. Compared to a traditional forklift, our new sideloaders offer a safer and more effective handling solution. By resting the load on the platform of the machine, it remains more stable and is less likely to be damaged during transport. Sideloaders also allow you to carry the load length-ways instead of side-ways, allowing you to optimize storage and aisle space.

Whether you’re working with lumber, metal, or other long materials, our team can help. Each new multi-directional forklift and sideloader in our inventory is designed for demanding applications. With higher lift capacities, ergonomic cabs, and rugged reliability, you’ll be able to operate with confidence regardless of the job. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an onsite assessment!

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The Advantages of Our Sideloaders

Exceptional Space Savings
Long loads typically need to be held aloft when transporting them with a conventional forklift. This is both an unsafe practice and a process that requires a lot of room for operation. By choosing one of our new sideloaders, you’re greatly reducing the space required to transport long loads. This is due to their unique construction and operation that allows for sideways transportation of materials. By transporting loads in this way, you’re able to drastically reduce the distance between aisles. This in turn allows you to place more shelves in the same space, optimizing your storage capacity.

Ergonomic and Comfortable Cabs
Every multi-directional forklift and sideloader in our inventory is built with the operator in mind. That’s why each unit features an ergonomic cab with impressive visibility and practical, responsive controls. Each cab can also be outfitted with various options including air conditioning, USB ports, presence detection, and more. This ensures that the operator remains comfortable, confident, and productive throughout the day.

Powerful and Reliable Performance
Whether you’re working indoors or outside, our new sideloaders and multi-directional forklifts can tackle any application. An integrated platform allows the load to rest on the unit during transport. This reduces the chance of damaging materials while also reducing strain on vital components. By carrying materials lengthways, you’re also able to maneuver them through standard doorways with ease. This eliminates the need for micro-adjustments and turns commonly seen while using a traditional forklift. As a result, you’re able to move more materials in less time, all while reducing strain on your equipment.

Sideloader FAQs

Though used for similar tasks, there are many differences between a sideloader and a conventional forklift. The first difference can be seen in the orientation of the mast and the operator cab. A conventional forklift features an operator cab located right behind the mast and forks. A sideloader or multi-directional forklift on the other hand features an operator cab right beside the mast and forks. This allows for a more compact design that excels in narrow aisles.

Another major difference between a standard forklift and side loader truck is the handling and steering. While forklifts are driven backward and forward, sideloaders feature 4-way steering functionality. This allows operators to move side to side in addition to forward and backwards. As a result, sideloaders can retrieve a load from a shelf and start transporting it without turning the chassis.

The final notable difference between a forklift and a sideloader is how they can transport materials. While a conventional forklift can transport materials at a variety of heights, a side loader truck primarily transports materials on the chassis of the unit. A side loader forklift typically has a larger chassis than a standard lift truck, enhancing load stability for long and heavy materials.

Side loader trucks and multi-directional forklifts excel in the handling of long and heavy materials like lumber and metal. If your operation handles these materials, a side loader could be the perfect solution. Conventional forklifts often need to lift long materials above shelves and other obstacles to travel down an aisle. This is a dangerous method of transportation that could lead to dropped materials, injuries, or facility damage.

Instead of transporting a load overhead, sideloaders transport long materials lower to the ground while braced on their chassis. This allows for unmatched stability and maneuverability through narrow aisles and other confined spaces. Many sideloaders can even transport long loads through gates and facility entryways without repositioning the unit. By using a side loader or multi-directional forklift, operations can also reduce the amount of space between aisles. As a result, additional shelves can be added, optimizing storage space and material capacity.

For more information on sideloaders and to see if one is right for your operation, contact our team! We can perform an in-depth on-site assessment to determine the perfect equipment for your needs, operating schedule, and budget.