Used Scissor Lifts for Sale

Used scissor lifts (also known as used aerial lifts or MEWPs) are a high-value choice for many applications. That’s why Leavitt Machinery is proud to offer an extensive selection of used scissor lifts for sale. Whether you’re working in construction, forestry, industry, or mining, we can help you find the perfect unit. Our inventory features a full range of compact and rough-terrain used aerial lifts, allowing you to find the best fit for your requirements. Browse our selection of used aerial lifts today or contact our team for more information! We’ll work with you to deliver a custom solution for your specific site requirements, budget, and timeline.

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Used 2016 JLG 2632ES Scissor Lift for sale in Kitimat British Columbia

2016 JLG 2632ES

Scissor Lift

Located at our Kitimat facility, this 2016 JLG 2632ES dual fuel scissor lift features a platform maximum height of 26’. It also features non marking tires, a 2 wheel drive chassis, and 428 total hours.... Contact our team today for more information on this unit.

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Stock #: 300594
Platform Height: 25.50'
Hours: 428
Location: Kitimat, British Columbia
Used 2016 JLG 2632ES Scissor Lift for sale in Kelowna British Columbia

2016 JLG 2632ES

Scissor Lift

With a max platform height of 26’, this 2016 JLG 2632ES electric scissor lift is suitable for a variety of operations. Features include non marking tires and a 2 wheel drive chassis. Located at our Ke...lowna location, this aerial lift has 213 hours.

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Stock #: 300592
Platform Height: 26.00'
Hours: 213
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia
Used 2017 JLG ES3246 Scissor Lift for sale in Langley British Columbia

2017 JLG ES3246

Scissor Lift

This 2017 JLG ES3246 scissor lift has 160 hours and features a platform with a max height of 32’. Additional features include a 2 wheel drive chassis, foam filled tires, and electric engine. This located at our Langley facility.

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Stock #: EQC003112
Platform Height: 32.00'
Hours: 160
Location: Langley, British Columbia
Used 2016 GENIE 3369RT Scissor Lift for sale in Red Deer Alberta

2016 GENIE 3369RT

Scissor Lift

Located at our Red Deer facility, this 2016 GENIE 3369RT diesel scissor lift features a platform maximum height of 33’. It also features standard pneumatic tires, a 4 wheel drive chassis, and 1,280 to...tal hours. Contact our team today for more information on this unit.

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Stock #: EQC049736
Platform Height: 33.00'
Hours: 1280
Location: Red Deer, Alberta

Used Aerial Lifts – Important Considerations

To determine the optimal used scissor lift for your needs, there are several site factors to consider. By assessing your site, our team can help you make an informed purchasing decision. This ensures that you’re getting a used scissor lift that optimizes performance, safety, and value. When purchasing a used aerial lift, it’s important to answer the following questions:

The type of surface you’re working on directly affects which used scissor lift is right for your needs. If you’re working indoors on hard and flat surfaces, a cushion-tire unit would be a good choice. Alternatively, if you’re working on loose gravel or thick mud, a rough-terrain model with larger tires would be a better choice.

How high are the areas that you need to access? It’s important to have a rough estimate for this amount to ensure that you’re getting the correct specifications in a machine.

The amount of space you have to use a scissor lift is another important factor. Ensure that you know the dimensions of a used scissor lift if possible, to ensure that it will fit where you need it.

Your operating environment can determine if you can use an all-electric unit or need to use a fuel-based model.

Certain used scissor lifts feature onboard generators, welding tools, and extendable platforms. These can be useful features for various operations but can also be an unnecessary expense for others.

When purchasing a used aerial lift, you don’t want to underspend on an ineffective unit or overspend on a unit that surpasses your needs. That’s why it’s crucial to know your budget and site requirements. We also offer several financing options for our used scissor lifts, allowing you to choose a plan that best fits your needs.

It’s the responsibility of managers and supervisors to ensure that all potential operators are certified. If your operators need to be trained, or their certification is about to expire, we can help. We offer in-class and on-site certification programs for all types of material handling equipment. Contact our training team to learn more!

The Advantages of Our Used Scissor Lifts

Full After-Sale Support
When purchasing a used scissor lift, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’re getting parts and service from. That’s why we’re proud to offer complete replacement parts and service programs for every piece of equipment we sell. This makes it easy to receive support for your equipment long after the initial purchase. Our goal is to make any service and maintenance stress-free and simple, allowing you to focus on other areas of your operation. We also aim to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum, ensuring that you remain productive and on schedule. Contact us today for more information on our parts and service programs!

Units for Every Application
Our used scissor lift inventory features a wide selection of compact electric and rugged diesel models. This allows us to provide you with several options tailored to indoor and outdoor usage requirements. Whether you’re looking for a rough-terrain unit with an extending platform or a compact lift that can fit through a standard door, we’ve got you covered. We also offer units with dual-fuel capabilities, allowing you to maximize run times for long shifts. If you have a specific configuration in mind, contact our team and we’ll help you find a unit that best fits your requirements.

Support from Industry Experts
At Leavitt Machinery, our goal isn’t to simply sell you a used scissor lift. Instead, we strive to provide you with complete solutions for your operation that will increase productivity and safety. Each of our equipment experts possess many years of experience across various industries. This means that we understand the various needs and challenges of your industry, allowing us to provide more comprehensive solutions. By understanding your needs, we can ensure that you’re getting a used aerial lift that you can rely on for years to come.