Operator training done on a telehandler at a construction site

Telehandler Training

Telehandlers (also known as boom forklifts and zoom booms) are versatile units that deliver reliable performance in many applications. Due to their unique design and function, operators require specialized training to ensure safe operation. That’s why Leavitt Machinery is proud to offer a comprehensive telehandler certification course. This telehandler training is ideal for all levels of operators, from novice to veteran. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a thorough understanding of safe operating practices and safety standards that are relevant to any industry.

Our telehandler training program consists of classroom learning, written assessment, and hands-on practical experience. The content is delivered through instructor discussion, multimedia presentations, and live demonstrations with equipment. This gives participants the knowledge and experience they need to stay safe on the job. To learn more about our telehandler certification course, contact our operator training team!

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Workers doing a operator training on a telehandler

Telehandler Certification Topics

  • Safety regulations and standards.
  • Fundamentals of telehandlers.
  • Field hazard identification.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Job safety analysis.
  • Safe operation.
  • Principles of balance and stability.
  • Proper start-up and shutdown protocols.
  • Operating on slopes.
  • Safe load handling techniques.
  • Reading load charts.

Telehandler Training Duration

Most courses can be complete in one day or less. Additional time and seats are available for new operators.

In-House Instructor Training

Does your operation have multiple individuals in need of telehandler training? Instead of sending each operator for training, consider our in-house instructor program. This option allows you to send one operator to become a trainer for your entire operation. As a result, you’re able to save time and money without cutting down on training quality.

With hundreds of in-class, online, and blended course solutions, Leavitt Machinery is a leading training provider for all industries. Whether you’re working in construction, mining, intermodal, or forestry, we can help. Our training team will work with you to deliver a custom solution based on your specific needs, budget, and schedule. This ensures that you’re getting the best value for the time invested.