Wheel Loader Training Courses

Heavy Machinery Operator Training

This wheel loader training course is designed to provide heavy machinery operators with a solid foundation in:

  • Health & Safety Standards
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Proper Procedures for Safe Operation

Our heavy machinery operator training consists of classroom theory, a written test and practical hands on experience. Course content is delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussion, then reinforced through workbooks and supplementary handouts.

Wheel Loader Training Topics:

  • Safety regulations & standards
  • Loader fundamentals & controls
  • Hazard Identifications
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Site & Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Machine Stability
  • Proper Start Up & Shut Down Protocol
  • Steering & Control
  • Safe Load Handling

Training Duration:

1 day (8am to 4pm)
Note: Novice Operator courses can be delivered in extended 1 day & or 2 day course format

Course Materials Provided:

  • Workbook
  • Supplementary Handouts
  • Wallet Card Certification Upon Successful Completion of This Course

Heavy Machine Operator Training Re-Certification:

If you have previously taken our Leavitt Machinery heavy machine operator certification course or training through another qualified provider and need to re-certify, please contact our Operator Training department for course availability and pricing.

Heavy Machinery Operator In-house Instructor Program:

Are you interested in becoming an in-house instructor for your company? Check out In-House Instructor Training for more information.