Warehouse worker that was trained to operate a Combilift forklift

Combilift Training

On-site availability only (client must provide equipment and training location).

Combilift forklifts and sideloaders are unique pieces of equipment that excel at handling long loads. This makes them popular for lumber and fabrication applications. Due to their unique design and function, operators must be properly trained in safe practices. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers a comprehensive Combilift forklift certification program. This Combilift training consists of classroom theory, a written test, and hands-on practical experience. The content within this course is delivered via multimedia presentations and discussions. These topics are then reinforced through workbooks and other handouts. By completing this Combilift forklift certification course, operators are given the tools they need to get the job done right.

This course is designed to adhere to all current ANSI and CSA standards. This ensures that operators are instructed in practices that maximize safety and awareness.

Worker trained on a Combilift forklift operating it in a warehouse

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Workers that have been trained on Combilift forklifts working in a warehouse

Combilift Forklift Certification Topics

  • The fundamentals of forklift operation.
  • Current safety regulations and standards.
  • The principles of stability, balance, and capacity.
  • Preventative maintenance and pre-operation inspections.
  • Rules of the road.
  • Site safety inspections and analysis.
  • Proper load handling techniques and procedures.
  • Start-up and shutdown procedures.
  • Steering and controls.
  • Safe fueling procedures for LPG, gasoline, and diesel units.
  • Charging and changing batteries for electric units.
  • Designations for powered industrial trucks.

Combilift Forklift Training Duration

Most courses can be complete in one day or less. Additional time and seats are available for new operators.

Combilift Instructor Training

In addition to this Combilift forklift certification course, we offer a Combilift instructor program. This course allows you to select one member of your operation to become an instructor. Upon completion of this course, the participant is certified to instruct other personnel in safe Combilift operation. This saves you time and money by eliminating the need to send every employee for training. Contact our training experts today to see which Combilift training option is right for you!