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Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

When it comes to MEWP safety, fall protection equipment is crucial. That’s why it’s important to perform regular safety harness inspections and maintenance. This 4-hour onsite program is ideal for individuals that need to maintain and inspect fall protection equipment. The content within this program instructs participants on how to conduct safety harness inspections and tests. Content is a combination of theory-based learning and hands-on practical experience.

In addition to fall protection equipment inspection, a portion of this course focuses on proper care and maintenance procedures. This ensures that safety harnesses and other protective equipment are always in good working order. All content for this course is delivered by one of Leavitt Machinery’s experienced instructors. Each instructor is certified by the Fall Protection Group, ensuring that participants are educated to the highest safety standards.

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Worker wearing for fall protection equipment at a worksite

Fall Arrest Equipment Inspection Overview

This fall protection equipment safety course covers the following topics:

  • Governing bodies, legislation, and standards.
  • Manufacturer requirements.
  • Equipment markings and tracking systems.
  • Proper record keeping.
  • Principles of storage and maintenance.
  • Equipment inspection processes and procedures.
  • Hands-on workshops and experience.

Safety Harness Inspection Training Course Duration

Most courses can be completed in one day or less. Additional time and seats are available for new operators.

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Frequently Asked Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Training Questions

This fall protection equipment inspection course is designed to teach participants how to assess and maintain fall protection equipment. This workshop will prove both practical and theoretical instruction to participants. While the course is primarily focused on equipment inspection, participants will also be taught how to care for and maintain equipment so that they may build up and organize an equipment program.

If you're in charge of setting up and maintaining your company's fall protection equipment inventory, you'll need to attend the course and get certified. You can inspect fall protection equipment for your company once you've gotten the certification.

This course does not cover all types of fall protection equipment. Some fall protection items and types of gear are required to be certified by the manufacturer, an engineer or a person who has been trained directly or deemed competent by the manufacturer/engineer. If you have any questions about what types of equipment are and/or are not covered by this course, reach out to our team today!

We do not do third-party inspections. Since not all types of equipment can be inspected and certified under this program, we do not office this service.

There are no prerequisites for this Fall Protection Inspection course. However, it is recommended that the participants have a fall protection ticket or previous detailed knowledge of fall protection equipment.

Yes, the fall protection training course and fall protection equipment inspection course can be taken back-to-back.

This certificate will need to be recertified every three years.

This course cannot be taken online. Since the fall protection equipment inspection course includes hands-on training, it is only available in person.

A mandatory written theory test is taken by all participants at the end of the course and certification is given on the same day upon successful completion of the course.

No, individuals who inspect and maintain fall protection equipment internally can only be certified by competent fall protection equipment trainers. If you have received a certification from this course, only you are authorized to assess fall protection equipment.

No, the Fall Protection Equipment Inspection course is an internal program that only allows you to inspect and certify equipment for the employer that you completed the training under (as well as any subsidiaries or sister/parent company).

Your certification is not transferable between employers. For example, if you receive certification under your current company, but you move on to work for another company, your certification will be invalidated, and you will be required to retrain under the new employer. This does not apply if you are moving on to any subsidiaries or sister/parent companies.