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If you've ever had to run a safety meeting along with all the other work your job entails, you know the start is usually the most difficult part. How do I break the ice to kick off the meeting? These online safety videos can help!

All of the following Safety Moments are included when you purchase this package of Safety Moment videos. They can be used in work site meetings, corporate meetings, or for any employees that need to think more about safety. All videos come with questions at the end to stimulate thinking around the importance of safety.


Each video can only be accessed once with this license.

Safety Moments

  • Driver Distraction - 3:22 mins

  • It was an Accident... Just One of Those Things - 3:44 mins

  • Protect Your Head... You May Need It - 4:15 mins

  • Don't Slip When Getting In or Out of a Vehicle - 3:20 mins

  • Statistics are People - 2:55 mins

  • Always Think of the Repercussions of Your Actions - 1:30 mins

  • Road Rage... You Never Know Who or Where the Nut Cases Are - 2:50 mins

  • Lift With Care to Protect Your Back - 3:27 mins

  • You Don't Have to Fall from a Great Height to be Hurt - 2:40 mins

  • Horoscopes and Safety - 1:50 mins

  • Driving and Sleeping Don't Mix - 3:35 mins

  • It's the Simple Things That Can Hurt Us - 2:00 mins

  • A Crocodile is Like a Machine - 1:30 mins

  • Animals on the Road - 4:03 mins

  • Arrogance and Safety Don't Mix - 3:28 mins

  • Tragedies Make Us Safer -3:15 mins

  • Use Caution in Tight Spots - 1:53 mins

  • Pay Attention to Warning Signs - 1:52 mins

  • A Man Killed Two Young Girls - 2:35 mins

Leavitt Machinery offers over 50 knowledge based online safety training courses for both Canadian and US based customers. It is important to note, for some jurisdictions, select topics may require additional practical evaluation for full certification.