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Online Safety Videos

When it comes time to run a safety meeting, starting it off with an impact can be difficult. For an effective introduction to any safety meeting, look no further than our collection of safety moments! This collection features several online safety videos and workplace safety videos that can be used for any application or operation. By utilizing these safety moments in your meetings, you’re able to start strong and emphasize the importance of workplace safety. As a result, members of your operation will remain more conscious of safety and incident prevention in their daily tasks. For more information on our online safety videos, contact our operator training team!

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Workplace Safety Videos List and Duration

3:22 - Distracted Driving 3:44 - It Was an Accident… Just One of Those Things
4:15 - Protect Your Head, You May Need It
3:20 - Don’t Slip When Getting in or Out of Your Vehicle
2:55 - Statistics Are People
1:30 - Always Think of The Consequences of Your Actions
2:50 - Road Rage… You Never Know Where the Nutcases Are
3:27 - Lift with Care. Protect Your Back
2:40 - You Don’t Have to Fall Far to Be Hurt
1:50 - Horoscopes and Safety
3:35 - Driving and Sleeping Don’t Mix
2:00 - It’s the Simple Things That Can Hurt Us
1:30 - A Crocodile is Like a Machine
4:03 - Animals on the Road
3:28 - Arrogance and Safety Don’t Mix
3:15 - Tragedies Make Us Safer
1:53 - Use Caution in Tight Spaces
1:52 - Pay Attention to Warning Signs, They Exist for A Reason
2:35 - A Man Killed Two Young Girls

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