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Online Rigging Course (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

Leavitt Machinery offers an online rigging course for all levels of operators and applications! Whether you’re looking for basic rigging training, intermediate rigging training, or an advanced rigging and slinging course, we can help. Rigging and slinging are commonly used when lifting heavy materials via a crane or overhead pulley system. Without proper training, operators risk dropping loads, damaging equipment/property, or severe injury to themselves and other personnel. Our online rigging programs provide users with the knowledge they need to comply with relevant ANSI, CSA, and ASME standards. This ensures that operators have the tools they need for consistently safe and efficient operation.

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Online Rigging Course Topics

  • Pre-lift hazard assessments.
  • Responsibilities of owners, operators, and supervisors.
  • Safe working load limits and other safety factors.
  • Rope and sling inspections.
  • Types of rigging hitches.
  • Using sling capacity charts to determine sling types, sizes, and configurations.
  • D/d ratios.
  • Center of gravity for slings.
  • Crane and hoist signals.

All topics from the Basic course in addition to:

  • Wire rope construction.
  • Rope and sling inspections.
  • Hoist line installation procedures.
  • Types of rigging hitches.

All topics from the Basic and Intermediate course in addition to

  • Rigging hardware overview and proper use.

Online Rigging Course Duration

Basic Online Rigging Course: 2.5 hours

Intermediate Online Rigging Course: 3.5 hours

Advanced Online Rigging and Slinging Course: 5.5 hours

Each rigging training course is presented in a completely online format. This allows for self-paced learning on a course that can be started, paused, and resumed as needed.

Assessment and Completion

Testing is conducted throughout these online rigging courses to reinforce the content presented. Participants are given up to three attempts to achieve a score of at least 80%. Upon passing a course, a certificate of completion is made available for download and print. Please note that some jurisdictions may require an additional practical exam for full certification.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to provide operations with complete training solutions for every aspect of their site. Whether you’re looking for in-class forklift training, online rigging training, or a blended telehandler course, we have you covered. Our training experts work hard to completely understand your needs. This ensures that you’re always getting courses that adhere to your specific requirements, budget, and schedule. When you’re looking for training that optimizes safety and productivity, Leavitt Machinery will get the job done right. Browse our course catalog or view our interactive course calendar today to view our current courses.

Select courses are also available with multiple language options. Take a look at the full list of courses we have available for Canada (English, Spanish, French) and the USA ( English, Spanish, French)!