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Online Rigging and Slinging Training

Rigging and slinging are commonly used techniques when transporting heavy materials via cranes or pulley systems. Though this process can appear simple, there are many moving parts and considerations that go into every lift. As a result, it’s crucial that riggers are well-trained in the best safety and performance practices. That’s why we offer an in-depth online rigging and slinging training program. This course provides information on safe rigging and slinging techniques that comply with relevant CSA, ANSI, and ASME standards. By completing this rigging and slinging safety course, operators will have the knowledge they need to stay safe. For more information on this online rigging and slinging training, contact our team.

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Rigging and Slinging Safety Course Topics

  • Pre-lift hazard assessments and inspections.
  • Owner, operator, and supervisor responsibilities.
  • Wire rope construction.
  • Safety factors and safe working limits.
  • Rope and sling inspections.
  • Hoist line installation procedures.
  • Types of rigging hitches.
  • Determining sling types, sizes, and configurations using capacity charts.
  • D/d ratios.
  • Sling center of gravity.
  • Rigging hardware.
  • Crane and hoist signals.

Online Rigging and Slinging Course Duration

This online rigging and slinging safety course requires approximately 5.5 hours to complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as required. This allows participants to complete portions of the course as their schedule allows.

Assessment and Completion

Testing is conducted throughout this online rigging and slinging training to reinforce the knowledge presented. Participants will be given up to three attempts to achieve a score of 80% or higher. Upon successfully passing this course, participants will be awarded with a certificate of completion. Please note that some jurisdictions may require additional practical training for full certification.

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