Pre trip inspection training in a workshop

Online Pre-Trip Inspection Training

For semi-truck operators and long-haul drivers, pre-trip inspections are crucial to ensure the vehicle is in good shape. With so many components to inspect, this inspection can quickly become more complex than it first appears. That’s why we offer a comprehensive online pre-trip inspection training course. While most online courses simply list the parts that need to be inspected, this course uses video demonstration to further illustrate these components. The content of this course also explains how to handle potential vehicle defects found during an inspection. By completing this course, participants will have the knowledge they need for comprehensive and effective pre-trip vehicle inspections.

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Truck driving after a pre-trip inspection was completed

Online Vehicle Inspection Training Topics

  • Preparing for the pre-trip inspection.
  • Inspecting the air brake system.
  • Defects, major defects, and solutions.
  • Performing the pre-trip inspection.

Online Pre-Trip Inspection Training Duration

This online pre-trip inspection training requires approximately 1 hour to complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as needed.

Assessment and Completion

Testing is conducted throughout this online vehicle inspection training to assess the users understanding of the content. Participants will be given up to three attempts to achieve a score of at least 80% or higher. Upon successfully passing the course, a certificate of completion is awarded.

Universal Compatibility

This online pre-trip inspection training was created to allow consistent playback on most internet-capable devices. Users can complete this course with nearly any Windows, Apple, or Android device. The course can be started on one device, paused, and finished on another if required.

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