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Online PPE Training
Personal Protective Equipment Training

Our online Personal Protective Equipment Training is designed to protect both workers and employers from workplace hazards. Though a hard hat and safety glasses won’t eliminate all dangers in the workplace, they greatly minimize the risk of workplace injury. Our online PPE training is designed to cover all the aspects of PPE. From upper and lower body protection, to respiratory protection, and head protection. Our online PPE certification course will ensure participants have working knowledge of all aspects of personal protective equipment and how to minimize the risk of workplace incidents. To learn more about our online PPE training, reach out to our training team today!

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Personal protective equipment for online training

Online Personal Protective Equipment Course Topics

  • Correctly fit, maintain, and use personal protective equipment.
  • Conduct a workplace hazard evaluation and follow guidelines to select personal protective equipment.
  • Prevent eye injuries by recognizing and eliminating potential workplace hazards and by selecting proper eye protection devices.
  • Avoid foot injuries by understanding and eliminating potential workplace hazards and by choosing appropriate foot protection.
  • Prevent head injuries by keeping an eye on overhead hazards and determining the correct type of hard hat for the job.
  • Eye and face protection.
  • Head protection.
  • Hand and foot protection.
  • Respiratory protection.
  • Hearing conservation.

Online PPE Course Duration

This online personal protective equipment training takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. The course can also be taken completely online using a phone or computer and may be stopped, paused, and resumed at any time. This ensures you’ve got the flexibility to get your personal protective equipment certification regardless of your schedule.

Online PPE Certification Testing and Completion

Testing for this online personal protective equipment training certificate is done virtually to reinforce the information presented. To pass, a score of 80% or higher is required. Participants have two attempts at the test to achieve a passing score. To learn more about the PPE testing, contact our training team today!

Universally Compatible PPE Training

This online PPE training is designed with usability in mind. All of our online training courses are made with the participants in mind. This means our online PPE course can be taken on almost all devices. Acceptable devices include Apple’s iTouch, iPads, and iPhones as well as most other smartphones and tablets that use Windows or Android operating systems. Not sure if our online PPE training is compatible with your device? Contact our training team for more information!

Select courses are also available with multiple language options. Take a look at the full list of courses we have available for Canada (English, Spanish, French) and the USA ( English, Spanish, French)!

PPE stands for “Personal Protective Equipment". It includes anything an operator might wear to mitigate the risk of injury in the workplace. PPE equipment may include but are not limited to boots, gloves, ear plugs, respirators, safety harnesses, and hardhats.

If personal protective equipment is required for your job site, PPE training is required to ensure all those involved have the correct information, instructions, and training on how the equipment should be used and maintained.

Yes! Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a major role when it comes to workplace safety. PPE is put in place to ensure workplace accidents are kept at a minimum.