Supervisor trained on OHS and the law

OHS Online Training

Our OHS online training has been recognized by the International Competency Assessment Board. This ensures that all content within the course is relevant, effective, and easy to understand. When it comes to busy operations and applications, supervisors are often under immense pressure to keep everyone safe. For larger and fast-paced operations, oversights and mistakes can have heavy repercussions. With safety standards and laws changing constantly, supervisors must stay informed of them to remain efficient and effective. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers an in-depth online Occupational Health and Safety course. This course references Ontario legislation and provides information on best practices that will benefit all supervisors.

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Worker training on OHS and and the law

Occupational Health and Safety Course Topics

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • The duties, rights, and responsibilities of employees and employers.
  • Health and safety representation in the workplace.
  • The details of Joint Health and Safety Committees.
  • Bill C-45 (Westray Bill) and criminal negligence.
  • The basics of criminal justice in the workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety Course Duration

Our OHS online training takes roughly 2 hours to complete. The course can be started, paused, and resumed as needed.

Assessment and Completion

Testing occurs throughout the course to reinforce the knowledge presented. A mark of at least 80% must be achieved in order to pass the course. If this mark is not obtained on the first attempt, participants will be granted up to two additional attempts. Upon successful completion of this Occupational Health and Safety course, participants are awarded with a certificate of completion.

Universally Compatible

This course is designed to allow consistent functionality across various platforms. As a result, it can be taken on nearly any internet-capable Apple, Android, or Windows-based device. This allows you to start the course on your work computer, pause it, and resume it on your phone later.

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