Lockout tagout training for workers

Online Lockout Tagout Training

“Lockout tagout” is a procedure used in various industries to ensure that potentially hazardous equipment cannot be activated while it is being maintained or repaired. This procedure helps to ensure that workers remain safe from the hazard of unexpected machine start-up/ignition. It is commonly used in the energy industry, but the procedures implemented within lockout tagout are applicable to many operations.

This online lockout tagout course provides information on the steps to correctly lock and tag out equipment. The content also covers devices used for lockout tagout and the elimination of potentially fatal hazards through the use of effective procedures. Finally, the content covers the legal requirements and consequences surrounding the lockout of equipment. This course was developed to comply with CSA standards Z462 and Z460-13. The content within this course has also been recognized by the International Competency and Assessment Board (I-CAB). As a result, all content adheres to current legislation and safety standards.

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Lockout Tagout Course Topics

  • Duties of those in the workplace.
  • Legal requirements and penalties.
  • Hazards.
  • Lockout tagout devices.
  • The 7 steps of lockout tagout.
  • Common mistakes and oversights.
  • Creating a workplace program.

Online Lockout Tagout Training Duration

This online lockout tagout training requires about 90 minutes to complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as needed.

Testing and Completion

Testing is conducted throughout this lockout tagout course to reinforce the knowledge presented. Participants will have up to three attempts to achieve a score of at least 80% on this assessment. Upon successfully passing the course, participants are awarded with a certificate of completion.

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