Online safety training of hydraulic forklift cylinders

Online Hydraulic Safety Training

Repairing and maintaining hydraulic cylinders and systems can be extremely dangerous. Personnel that perform these tasks are exposed to a high level of risks that could result in injury or death. Most incidents are a result of a lack of training and understanding of hazards. That’s why we offer an online hydraulic safety course for operators of all experience levels. This online hydraulic safety training course offers a comprehensive look at the recognition and management of hydraulic hazards. The content also places an emphasis on the implementation of structured procedures and energy mitigation. For more information on this hydraulic safety course, contact our operator training team. We’ll work with you to provide a complete training solution based on your needs, budget, and schedule.

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Online safety training of hydraulic systems

Hydraulic Safety Course Topics

  • What are hydraulic fluids?
  • Exposure to hydraulic fluids
  • Hydraulic fluids and the environment
  • Spill preparedness
  • Acceptable disposal practices
  • Biodegradable hydraulic fluids
  • Absorbents
  • Ethical choices
  • Pressure rating
  • Pressurized grease
  • Effects of air in hydraulic systems
  • Fluid power calculations
  • Life cycle
  • Guarding
  • Gravity
  • System considerations
  • Types of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hose construction
  • Hydraulic hose applications
  • Hydraulic hose assembly fabrications
  • Effects of modifications to hydraulic components
  • Procedures for testing and discharge of accumulators
  • How accumulators work and their application in hydraulic systems
  • Types of seals and applications
  • Importance of mechanical seals
  • Commonly used threads and porting in hydraulics
  • Procedures for testing and discharge of accumulators
  • Potential hydraulic hazards
  • Overhanging and runaway hazards
  • Forms of hazardous energy and the cause of unexpected movement
  • Purpose of hazard assessment
  • Hydraulic incidents and fatalities
  • Hazards of welding hydraulic components and interconnections
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safety standards and qualifications
  • Safety valves
  • Safety devices
  • Safety through engineered controls
  • Zero energy state
  • What is lockout?
  • Lockable devices and the importance of sequence
  • Recognized standards
  • Specifications and standards
  • Your role
  • General responsibilities
  • Before work begins
  • Inspections
  • Understanding maintenance and planning

Online Hydraulic Safety Training Duration

This online hydraulic safety course requires approximately 10 hours to fully complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as needed. This allows users to complete blocks of the course when they can.

Assessment and Completion

Testing is conducted throughout this online hydraulic safety training to reinforce the content presented. Supplemental reference materials can be accessed online to aid the user’s understanding of the course material. Upon successful completion of this course, participants are awarded with a certificate of completion. This certificate is valid for 3 years from the date it is issued.

Continuing Education Units

This online hydraulic safety training provides CEU for wastewater operators.

  • Ontario CEU Value: 0.7
  • Alberta CEU Value: 1.2
  • Saskatchewan CEU Value: 0.7

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