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GHS Compliant HazCom Training

HazCom: Introduction to Hazard Communication & GHS

The online hazard communication or HazCom training is a specialized course to help individuals dealing with hazardous chemicals and substances gain information on the potential risks of these materials and learn how to classify and label them. The course is compliant with the GHS and is required to ensure individuals know how to do their due diligence in labelling and storing chemical substances that could be harmful to their health and others around them.

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Topics Covered by the Online Hazard Communication Training

Our specialized online HazCom: Introduction to Hazard Communication & GHS course is developed to help trainees understand the nature of hazardous chemicals and the potential health risks associated if not handled properly. It teaches them how to keep themselves and others safe. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Chemical classification
  • HazCom standard and GHS compliance
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Reading safety data sheets
  • How to make and read the labels
  • Chemical safety best practices

Duration of the Course

Our online HazCom training course takes roughly 20 mins to complete. The learning material of this course is compatible with most of the devices with enabled web browsing including Apple’s iTouch, iPad and iPhone as well as devices with Android and Windows operating systems. Once all the topics are covered and a thorough understanding of the subject is attained, trainees will need to take an assessment to reinforce the information on the subject. A mark of 80% is required to pass the assessment of this course. The course and the assessment can be retaken up to three times to achieve a passing mark.

Upon successful completion of the course and after passing the assessment, candidates will be provided with a digital certificate of completion for downloading and printing.

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