Onsite hazard communication training

Online Hazard Communication Training

Chemical exposure can lead to debilitating long-term health effects and even death. That’s why effective hazard awareness and communication is crucial for any operation. To help protect employees that work with chemicals, OHSA established the hazard communication standard (HCS). The HCS is a globally harmonized system of hazard communication that standardizes communication about chemical hazards in the workplace.

This HCS training course provides crucial information on safety data sheets (SDS), pictograms, and the hazardous effects of chemicals. Upon successful completion of this online hazard communication training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the information and training required by the HCS.
  • Recognize the health hazards that various chemicals present.
  • Identify chemicals and their hazards through labelling and warning practices.
  • Explain the purpose of a safety data sheet.
  • Discuss how chemical hazards are determined.
  • Recognize the purpose, scope, and elements of the HCS.

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Hazard communication training session

HCS (Hazard Communication Standard) Training Topics

  • Introduction to the HCS.
  • How hazards are determined.
  • Safety data sheets (SDS).
  • Labels and warnings.
  • Physical and health hazards.
  • Employee information and training.

Online Hazard Communication Training Duration

This online HCS training requires about 1 hour to complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as needed.

Assessment and Completion

An assessment is presented at the end of this online hazard communication training to test the user’s knowledge. Participants will be given up to three attempts to achieve a score of at least 80%. Upon successfully passing the course, a certificate of completion can be downloaded and printed.

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