Worker with an electrical checklist

Electrical Safety Program

This online electrical safety program is designed for non-electrical workers that operate various types of electrical equipment. The content within this electrical equipment training educates participants on the various hazards and risks associated with electricity. The information presented in this course can be applied to many industries and applications. This course adheres to all current safety standards including CSA Standard Z462. As a result, participants receive the knowledge they need to stay safe and productive.

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Electrical worker with a checklist
  • Describe how electricity is produced and distributed.
  • Identify shock and arc flash hazards.
  • Understand normal and abnormal conditions for various types of electrical equipment.
  • Apply safe electrical work practices in all areas of their job.
  • Explain response procedures for electrical incidents and emergencies.

Course Introduction

  • Overview.
  • Objectives.

Introduction to Electricity

  • What is electricity?
  • Ohm’s Law.
  • Where does electricity come from?

Standards and Regulations

  • Health and safety regulations.
  • “Plan – Do – Check – Act” procedure.
  • Consensus-based standards.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Normal conditions and abnormal conditions.
  • How to differentiate between normal and abnormal conditions.
  • “Look, Listen, and Smell” procedure.

Understanding Risks

  • What are the risks of operating electrical equipment?
  • Effects of shock and arc flash.

Taking Precautions

  • Approach boundaries for shocks and arc flash.
  • Safe operating procedures for overhead power lines and buried cables.
  • “Step and Touch” potential.
  • Environmental conditions and how they impact operation.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for electrical equipment operation.

Reporting Incidents and Responding to Emergencies

  • Emergency response procedures.
  • The proper procedure for reporting incidents.

Conclusion and Final Exam

  • Participants must achieve a mark of at least 80% to pass this course.
  • Participants are granted an unlimited number of attempts to achieve this score.

Online Electrical Equipment Safety Training Duration

Our electrical equipment training course covers the following topics. This course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Participants can start, pause, and resume the course as needed.

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