Emergency response vehicles in training

Emergency Response Training Overview

This online emergency response training provides information on proper responses to various emergency situations. These include fires, natural disasters, explosions, bomb threats, hazardous spills, acts of violence, and medical emergencies. Upon completion of this emergency preparedness course, participants will know the correct response for each of these emergencies. This ensures that personnel remain safe in the event of unforeseen circumstances. For more information on our emergency response training and other programs, contact our team today! We’ll work with you to provide a solution that fits your needs, schedule, and budget.

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Emergency response fire trucks in training

Emergency Preparedness Course Topics

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Types of Emergencies
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Training & Practice Drills

Emergency Response:

  • React Appropriately
  • Emergency Communications
  • Medical Assistance

Online Emergency Response Training Duration

This emergency response training course takes about 30 minutes to complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as required.

Assessment and Completion

Testing is held throughout this emergency preparedness course to reinforce the information presented. Participants must achieve a mark of at least 80% to pass the course. Two additional attempts will be granted if this score is not obtained on the first attempt. A certificate of completion will be made available for viewing and printing upon successful completion of this course.

Universal Compatibility

This course has been designed to adhere to standards for universal compatibility. As a result, it can be completed on most internet-capable Apple, Windows, and Android devices. The course can be started on one device, paused, and then resumed on another. This allows for flexibility that can fit any schedule and learning style.

Select courses are also available with multiple language options. Take a look at the full list of courses we have available for Canada (English, Spanish, French) and the USA ( English, Spanish, French)!