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Online Commercial Driving Course

The Driver Training Series is a collection of courses that emphasize the essential skills necessary for road safety. This commercial driving training is suitable for all levels of drivers, from new operators to veteran commercial drivers. The content of this online commercial driving course helps drivers understand basic driving techniques that will help them develop safe habits. It also helps them build a healthy driving attitude that makes operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) easier and safer.

Specific topics of this commercial driving training include safe turning, railroad crossing safety, merging, passing, and navigating roundabouts. Upon completion of this course, drivers will be equipped for consistently safe and efficient CMV operation.

Please note that some jurisdictions require additional practical learning to be completed before awarding full certification.

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Commercial Driving Training Topics

  • Turns and intersections.
  • Railroad crossing safety.
  • Safe merging and passing procedures.
  • Safely navigating roundabouts.

Online Commercial Driving Training Duration

This online commercial driving training takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Assessment and Completion

Testing is conducted throughout this online commercial driving course to reinforce the information presented. A mark of at least 80% must be obtained on this test to pass the course. If this is not achieved on the first attempt, up to two additional attempts will be granted (3 total attempts). Upon passing this test, a certificate of completion will be available for viewing and printing.

Universally Compatible

This course adheres to universal compatibility standards that allow for consistent functionality on most internet-capable devices. As a result, it can be completed on nearly any Apple, Android, or Windows-based device.

Select courses are also available with multiple language options. Take a look at the full list of courses we have available for Canada (English, Spanish, French) and the USA ( English, Spanish, French)!