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Online Cannabis Awareness Training

Cannabis awareness is becoming increasingly important for operations across North America. With the legalization of cannabis across Canada and various States, workplaces have had to address usage on the job. Many workers view cannabis (also known as marijuana) as similar to tobacco. This means that they feel they can possess it and even smoke it while on break at work. In reality, Cannabis is treated similarly to alcohol, meaning that it should not be used in any capacity while on the job. It’s important for workers to fully understand the law, testing rights, and the consequences of impairment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive online cannabis awareness training course. For more information on this online training course or our other programs, contact Leavitt Machinery! Our training team will work with you to provide the perfect courses for your needs, schedule, and budget.

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Cannabis Awareness Course Topics

This cannabis awareness course is designed to educate employees on applicable laws and testing rights. It also outlines the effects of cannabis and the potential consequences of using it while on the job. Upon completion of this online marijuana awareness course, participants will gain a complete understanding of these topics. As North America continues to move forward with Cannabis legalization, Cannabis awareness training will become a new standard. By taking this course, you’re keeping yourself ahead of the curve.

  • How cannabis usage can put a worker’s job at risk.
  • Proper cannabis conduct guidelines for the workplace.
  • The importance of understanding and adhering to a company’s drug policy.
  • Employer drug testing rights.
  • How and when a drug test can be failed.
  • Liability for employees and employers when dealing with impairment in the workplace.

Online Cannabis Awareness Training

This online marijuana awareness course requires approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Testing and Completion

Testing is conducted at the end of this online cannabis awareness course to reinforce the content presented. Participants have up to three attempts to achieve a score of at least 80% or higher.

Universally Compatible

This online cannabis awareness course is designed to function on nearly any internet-capable device. Participants can complete the content on most Windows, Apple, and Android devices. This allows the user to begin the course on one device, pause it, and finish it on another.

Select courses are also available with multiple language options. Take a look at the full list of courses we have available for Canada (English, Spanish, French) and the USA ( English, Spanish, French)!