Bear awareness in the wilderness

Online Bear Awareness Training

This bear awareness program conveys information that is relevant to individuals who spend time working or hunting in bear country. The information presented within this course will help participants handle situations where bears may pose a hazard. Content consists of identifying the type of bear, environmental awareness, and handling confrontations. For more information on our online bear awareness training, contact our team today! Our training experts will work with you to provide a tailored solution that adheres to your needs, budget, and schedule.

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Family of bears in a field used for awareness training

Bear Awareness Course Topics

  • Chapter 1: General characteristics of bears.
  • Chapter 2: The difference between black bears and grizzly bears.
  • Chapter 3: Bear country activities.
  • Chapter 4: Bear confrontations.

Online Bear Awareness Training Duration

This online bear awareness course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. It can be started, paused, and resumed as needed based on the participant’s schedule.

Assessment and Certification

Testing is conducted at the end of this online bear awareness course to reinforce the content presented. Participants must achieve a score of at least 80% to pass the course. If this score is not obtained on the first attempt, two additional attempts will be granted (3 total attempts). Supplemental materials for this course may be accessed online to further reinforce the material presented. Participants will be awarded with a certificate of completion upon successfully passing the course.

Universally Compatible

This course was created using standards that allow playback on most internet-capable devices. Participants can complete this course on nearly any Apple, Android, or Windows-based device. This allows for exceptional flexibility to fit any schedule. For example, users can start the bear awareness course on their desktop, pause it, and finish it on their phone later in the day.

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