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Rental Telehandler
One of the most versatile machines on the market. Designed for outdoor use in rough terrain environments, these machines all come standard with 4-wheel drive. Lift capacities range from 3,000 lb to 46,000 lbs and lifting heights are available up to 70ft on certain models. There are often additional steering modes available for 4-wheel steering and crab steering. Outriggers, frame leveling and Hydrostatic transmissions are examples of other options that are available.

These units can also be configured with a wide range of attachments including fixed or rotating carriages, buckets, truss jibs, winches and grapples. Telescopic forklifts come in many different configurations, and choosing the wrong model can be costly. To ensure you understand the machines fully before deciding on a telehandler rental, please consult one of our representatives for assistance.

At Leavitt, we can develop a telehandler rental plan for your specific needs, speak to our representatives about finding the right equipment and rental plan for your business.

Telehandler Rental Inventory:



 Load Chart

5,500 lbs  18' Load Chart
6,000 lbs  42' Load Chart
8,000 lbs  42' Load Chart
10,000 lbs  42' Load Chart
10,000 lbs  54' Load Chart
12,000 lbs  55' Load Chart
20,000 lbs  45' Load Chart

  • XR1045
  • XR1270_MultiFoldCover
  • Skytrak10054_MG_9114-P1
  • MT-10044-Interim-Tier-IV-Lift-Load-Photo
  • MT-10055-Interim-Tier-IV-Travel-Photo
  • jlgG10-55A_MG_0237-P1