Industrial Heater Rentals

Pureheat Wacker Heater

Leavitt Machinery carries a complete line of air heaters and ground heater rentals. Whether it's residential or commercial building construction, pipeline or oil field maintenance, mining or underground construction, we carry a ground heater rental for your job.

Indirect-fired air heat creates an ideal environment that allows contractors to work year round and extend the work season even in extreme cold conditions. Hydronic heaters circulate fluid through a closed loop low pressure lines. These are commonly used for thawing ground, curing concrete or heating floors.

If you are faced with seasonal peaks or varying production schedules, a short-term industrial heater rental is a simple way to solve your short term rental requirements. Or ask about our long term rentals.

Why rent from Leavitt Machinery? We offer more than just heater rentals, we have one of the largest late model rental fleet in the industry. Check out our other rental equipment options.

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Heaters Available to Rent



 Heated Air


 Trailer or Skid Mounted

 Discharge Temperature

 # of Outlets

 411,000 BTU

 3,820 cfm

 Diesel, LP or Natural Gas

 up to 126° F

 3 x 12"

 700,000 BTU

 4,600 cfm

 Diesel, LP or Natural Gas
 Both Available

 High Temperature Rise

 2 16" w/ 2 x Inlet Return Air Option

 1,250,000 BTU

 8,420 cfm

 Diesel, LP or Natural Gas
 Both Available

 High Temperature Rise
 3 x 16" (20" Outlets Available)