Manitou rental of a rough terrain forklift

Rough Terrain Forklift Rentals

Leavitt Machinery offers a wide selection of rough terrain forklift rentals for operations of all sizes. Whether you’re working in forestry, mining, or construction, we can help. Our all-terrain forklift rental lineup features units from leading brands like Manitou and other trusted manufacturers. This means that you’re getting a quality solution for even the most difficult applications. Contact our team today for more information on our 4x4 forklift rental solutions. We’ll work with you to provide a tailored rental program for your specific requirements, schedule/timeline, and budget.

Leavitt Machinery is a leading provider of high-quality rough terrain forklift rentals and equipment solutions. With one of the largest equipment rental fleets in North America, we provide complete solutions for every application. In addition to rental solutions, we’re proud to provide parts, service, training, and equipment sales. This allows us to serve as your one-stop material handling equipment shop. Contact your nearest Leavitt Machinery location today to learn more about our solutions and all-terrain forklift rentals!

Rental of a rough terrain forklift driving through dirt

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Rental of a Manitou rough terrain forklift hauling a load

Is A Rough Terrain Forklift Rental Right for You?

When choosing a forklift rental, it’s important to assess every aspect of your operation. This will enable you to make an informed decision that optimizes performance, safety, and value. To determine the optimal rental for your operation, consider the following:

  • Your operating environment (indoors/outside, weather, etc.).
  • The type of surfaces you will be driving your forklift across.
  • The weight and size of the materials you handle.
  • Space and height restrictions.
  • Your equipment budget.

If you’re working on uneven or soft surfaces like mud, dirt, or loose gravel, a 4x4 forklift rental may be the perfect solution. These units feature larger wheels with deep treads that allow for unparalleled traction and stability in difficult terrain. Each all-terrain forklift rental also features higher ground clearance to allow for unimpeded transport of loads over rocks and other obstacles.

Advantages of Our All-Terrain Lift Truck Rentals

Rental Plans for All Operations
At Leavitt Machinery, we work hard to create a 4x4 forklift rental plan that works perfectly for your needs. Whether you’re looking at a short-term rental for peak season or a year-round rental for general usage, we can help. Our team will partner with you to assess your site needs and challenges. We’ll then use the information gathered from this assessment to ensure that you’re getting the perfect 4x4 forklift rental. When you choose a rough terrain forklift rental from Leavitt Machinery, you’re getting a complete solution every time you need it.

Fast Solutions for Every Operation
For certain applications, you need equipment to be on the job and working as soon as possible. That’s why our all-terrain rentals are available with quick delivery to your job site. This allows you to bypass conventional lead times, getting your equipment as soon as you need it. Our rental fleet features a variety of all-terrain forklifts in multiple configurations. Regardless of your capacity, lift height, or terrain needs, we’ll get the perfect unit to you quickly.

Reliability and Consistency
We pride ourselves on delivering quality rental equipment that you can rely on every day. We practice a leading turnout strategy, resulting in one of the youngest rental inventories in North America. This ensures that our fleet remains one of the newest in North America, giving you modern performance and safety. We also ensure that each unit is thoroughly inspected and maintained prior to delivery. As a result, you’re getting consistent performance that allows you to remain productive day in and day out.

Flexible Plans and Optimal Value
Our rental programs can be adjusted at any time to adapt to changes in your operational requirements. This ensures that you never have too much (or too little) equipment on hand. Our 4x4 forklift rentals are also available at a fixed monthly cost that can be written off as an operating expense. As a result, you’re able to minimize equipment costs without cutting down on performance or safety. Contact our team today to learn more about our all-terrain forklift rental plans and other solutions! We’ll work with you to deliver a tailored program that checks every box, not just some of them.