Rentals of two electric forklifts in a warehouse

Electric Forklift Rentals

Are you looking to add a short or long-term electric forklift rental to your operation? Leavitt Machinery is here to help! We offer a wide selection of electric lift truck rentals for all types of applications. Our electric forklift rental inventory features units from brands like Hyundai, Jungheinrich, CAT, Mitsubishi, Manitou, and more. This allows us to provide reliable solutions in a variety of configurations to match any application. Whether you’re looking for a sit-down or stand-up model, our team will work with you to provide the perfect equipment.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to provide complete electric forklift rental and equipment rental solutions. As the authorized dealer for more than 25 trusted brands, we provide tailored equipment recommendations without any factory pressure. This ensures that you’re getting the perfect electric lift truck rental for your needs, budget, and project timeline. Our team will partner with you to ensure that you’re getting the perfect equipment solution every time.

Rentals of Jungheinrich electric narrow aisle forklifts in a warehouse

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Rental of an electric forklift charging in a warehouse

Is an Electric Forklift Rental Right for You?

Though they share many similarities to conventional forklifts, electric forklift rentals feature several distinct characteristics. These include:

Silent Operation and Reduced Heat Production
Due to their all-electric motors, electric forklifts are almost completely silent. This makes them a great choice for sensitive work environments or operations with many personnel in small areas.

Rechargeable Batteries
Instead of swapping out LPG tanks or refilling a diesel tank, electric forklifts must be recharged. Though many units feature long-lasting, fast-charging lithium batteries, recharging is still a period of downtime. As a result, electric forklift rentals are great for warehouses and production facilities but aren’t suited to remote outdoor operations.

Fewer Moving Parts
Electric forklifts utilize fewer moving parts than conventional internal combustion units. This reduces friction and machine wear, minimizing service requirements and downtime.

Benefits of Our Electric Lift Truck Rentals

Get Your Equipment Quickly
By choosing our electric forklift rentals, you’re bypassing conventional lead times. This allows you to add the equipment you need to your operation quickly, supplementing your fleet for peak season. Every unit in our inventory is well-maintained and ready for delivery to your site. This eliminates the hassle of coordinating logistics, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

Solutions for Every Job Site
At Leavitt Machinery, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide solutions for all operations. Our electric forklift rentals are available in a wide variety of configurations. Whether you’re looking for a high-capacity sit-down model or a compact stand-up unit, we’ve got you covered. Our team can perform an in-depth onsite assessment to determine the best unit for your needs. This ensures you’re getting equipment that enhances productivity and safety while adhering to your budget.

Leading Reliability
When choosing an electric lift truck rental, you want a unit you can rely on. That’s why every unit in our used equipment fleet is meticulously maintained and inspected. This ensures that they’re ready to get to work whenever you need them. We carry one of the youngest rentals fleets in North America. This ensures that you’re receiving modern safety, performance, and convenience features. With models from leading brands like CAT, Hyundai, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, Manitou, and more, you’re getting reliable quality with every rental.

Optimal Value
Our electric forklift rentals are available at a fixed monthly cost that can be written off as an operating expense. This allows you to get the performance you need while reducing the financial impact on your bottom line. This fixed monthly cost also makes it easy to track your equipment expenditures, ensuring you know exactly where your money goes. In addition to optimal value, our electric forklift rental plans are flexible and can be adjusted based on your specific needs. As a result, you’re able to adjust your plan based on changes in your operation such as seasonal peaks. This means that you’ll always be on a plan that perfectly fits your current needs.