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Cushion Tire Forklift Rentals

Leavitt Machinery is your destination for cushion tire forklift rentals and indoor forklift rentals! Whether you’re working in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or food production plant, we can help. Our rental fleet features units from leading brands including CAT, Mitsubishi, Manitou, Taylor, and Hyundai. This ensures that you’re getting a reliable indoor forklift rental that can deliver the performance you need. Not sure which unit would be the best fit for your operation? Contact our team today and ask about our onsite assessment services. We’ll observe your operation to take notes on your capacity requirements, production pace, and operating environment. This allows us to make a recommendation that is tailored to your specific needs. Browse our cushion tire forklift rentals below or contact our team for more information!

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Is A Cushion Forklift Rental Right for You?

To determine if a cushion forklift rental is right for you, it’s important to understand their defining traits and characteristics. This will enable you to make an informed decision for your operation. As the name implies, a cushion forklift rental features softer tires than a pneumatic or rough-terrain model. These tires are still solid and sturdy to minimize damage from debris or terrain. Cushion tires are often non-marking, making them ideal for indoor operation and facilities that don’t want large tread marks on their floors. Though well-suited for indoor applications, cushion forklift rentals aren’t a great choice for outdoor usage. It is for this reason that they are often referred to as indoor forklift rentals.

Indoor forklift rentals also tend to feature more compact designs and lower lifting capacities. This makes them a great fit for confined spaces and narrow aisles, but not for heavy lifting and high shelves. If your operation is entirely indoors and handles lighter materials, a cushion forklift rental is likely the perfect solution.

Why Choose Our Indoor Forklift Rentals?

Solutions for Every Budget
At Leavitt Machinery, we provide cushion tire forklift rentals for every operation and budget. Our team will work with you to develop a rental plan that adheres to your budget and operational needs. Each rental is available at a fixed monthly cost that is easy to budget for. This allows you to focus on other areas of your operation without worrying about equipment costs. Additionally, this rental fee can be written off as an operating expense, maximizing value for your equipment.

Consistent and Reliable Performance
Every indoor forklift rental in our fleet is well-maintained. This ensures that you’re getting a reliable unit with modern safety and performance features. We also stand behind every single unit in our fleet. If a breakdown should occur, we’ll send a technician out for immediate repairs. If they deem the problem to be too complex, we’ll swap your unit out for another ASAP. As a result, your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum while your productivity is optimized.

Solutions from Industry Experts
Our rental team at Leavitt Machinery consists of experts with many years of experience across various industries. This means that we understand the various challenges and unique aspects of your application. Whether you’re working in a confined warehouse or a fast-paced production facility, we can help. Our rental fleet features a wide selection of units in various configurations. This, combined with our industry expertise, ensures a tailored solution that addresses every need.

With one of the largest equipment rental fleets in North America, Leavitt Machinery provides complete solutions for all operations. From construction sites to production facilities, we can provide every piece of material handling equipment you need. Our team will work with you to provide a customized solution designed to optimize productivity, safety, and overall value. Reach out to your nearest Leavitt Machinery location today to learn more about our cushion forklift rentals and other solutions.