Electric Boom Lift Rentals

JLG450AJ Electric Boom Lift Rentals
Perform the same functions as straight and articulated man lift rentals but without the harmful emissions.
Ideal for indoor uses and sensitive work environments
  • A green alternative for environmentally conscious companies
  • Platform heights of up to 60 ft
  • No emissions or noise pollution
  • Optional articulating jib for extra access to hard to reach areas
  • Multi-Power option allows for round-the-clock operation
  • Faster battery charging with Quik Charge GenSet Automatic Charging System

For special purchase pricing or a specialized articulating man lift rental plan. Speak with a rental expert today.

Electric Boom Lift Inventory:

Platform Height

Platform Capacity

Overall Width

30' 500 lbs 4'
40' 500 lbs 5' 9'
60' 500 lbs
7' 11"
  • M450A
  • E450A_02_P3
  • E450A
  • E600_05
  • M600J_Gym&Bldg
  • 241_4146