Articulating boom lift rental working in construction

Articulating Boom Lift Rentals

Leavitt Machinery is proud to offer a full selection of articulating boom lift rentals for all industries. Also known as “up and over” lifts, these units are ideal for bypassing obstacles in hard-to-reach areas. They allow for exceptional platform control, allowing the operator to get into the perfect position. Exceptional control makes them a popular choice for congested construction and industrial sites. Additional features include 360° rotation in either direction, platform heights up to 150’, and 2 or 4-wheel drive options. For more information on our articulating manlift rentals, contact our team today! We’ll work with you to assess your needs, budget, and work environment to provide the perfect unit.

With one of the largest rental fleets in North America, Leavitt Machinery supports all operations with quality equipment. Whether you’re looking for an articulating manlift rental or an other equipment solution, we have you covered. As a full-service dealer, we also provide comprehensive parts, service, and training solutions for every type of equipment we sell. This allows us to serve as your one-stop material handling equipment shop.

Rental of an articulating boom lift working on a building

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Rental of an articulating boom lift working in a building

Articulating Boom Lift Rentals – Key Features

To determine if an articulating manlift rental is right for your operation, it’s important to understand their key features. With their unique “Z-shaped” booms, articulating boom lift rentals allow for exceptional aerial maneuvering. This is ideal for moving around obstacles or performing micro-adjustments to get operators where they need to be. That said, articulating boom lifts often don’t feature the same lift heights or outreach capabilities of telescopic models. As a result, your choice will likely be dependent on mobility vs. height/reach capabilities.

For assistance determining the ideal articulating manlift rental for your site, contact our team!

Benefits of Our Articulating Manlift Rentals

Units for Every Operation
With options that offer anywhere from 34’ to 150’ of platform height, we provide units for any job site. Our boom lift rentals are available in electric, LPG, diesel, and dual-fuel configurations. This flexibility allows us to provide you with a solution that best meets your operational requirements and usage schedule. Whether you’re looking for a compact unit for tight spaces or a large 4-wheel drive model for rough terrain, we can help. Many of our units are also drivable at full extension, so long as the terrain is flat. This added feature enhances productivity by reducing the number of platform movements throughout the day.

Modern and Well-Maintained
Our mobile elevated work platform rental fleet is one of the newest in the industry. A newer fleet means that you’re getting all the modern performance and safety features you expect of your equipment. In addition to having one of the youngest fleets in North America, each unit is meticulously maintained. Newer equipment paired with meticulous maintenance ensures that every articulating boom lift rental is ready to get to work once delivered to your site.

Consistent Performance and Cost
By choosing one of our articulating aerial lift rentals, you’re choosing consistency in all aspects. Choosing Leavitt Machinery means you’re getting equipment at a fixed monthly cost that can be written off as an operating expense. You’re also getting consistent performance at all times. This consistency is also aided by our team that is always available for any quick repairs or maintenance. If we determine that the job will take too long, we swap your unit out with another. Leavitt Machinery’s dedication to ‘uptime’ ensures that your operation continues to run on time and within budget.