Forklift Pedestrian SafetyForklift Pedestrian Safety

Every year there are over a hundred forklift related deaths in North America, 36% of these involve forklifts and pedestrians. While some companies work to reduce collision risks by adding guard rails, this isn't always the best solution for busy warehouses with limited floor space.

Leavitt Machinery provides a variety of solutions designed to keep your employees safe and accidents to a minimum.

Blue Spot® Safety Light

Better than back up alarms that can be drowned out by employees who are listening to music, talking on cell phones or wearing ear plugs, the Blue Spot® Safety Light provides an additional visual reminder.

Installed on the your forklifts overhead guard, this long life LED light gives a focused beam of blue light that will appear on the ground behind the forklift.

Why invest in Blue Spot® Safety Lights?

Blue Spot Forklift Safety Light• They are not sensitive to vibration or shaking
• The ability to mount multiple lights to the front or back of the overhead guard
• Give pedestrians an visual warning that a forklift is approaching
• An additional warning system over and above traditional audio back up alarms
• Built with long lasting LED technology, giving a bright blue light with low power consumption

SafeSpot™ Collision Avoidance System

Warehouse intersections and blind corners can be the cause of deadly forklift/pedestrian accidents. The new wireless SafeSpot™ Collision Avoidance System is proven to reduce forklift accidents in the workplace. This inexpensive solution ensures OSHA compliance, is easily installed, eliminates the need for workers to wear tags and accurately distinguishes between people and forklifts.

Why opt for the SafeSpot™ Collision Avoidance System?

SafeSpot Collision Avoidance System

• Works in blind spots and around corners
• Easily installed with little to no maintenance
• System distinguishes between workers and forklifts
• Non-line of sight sensors immune to visual blocking from loads
• Reduces false positives and eliminates the need for workers to wear tags


SIS-Easy Forklift Accident Avoidance System

The most advanced forklift pedestrian alarm you can find on the market, the SISEasy system was exclusively designed and developed for forklifts. Designed to help drivers become more aware of their surroundings, this system provides visual and audio warnings when obstacles are present. 

This system also slows the and even prevents the truck from moving in critical situations. Take advantage of this active collision system and reduce the risk of accidents in your work place.

SISEasy Forklift Safety SystemWhat are the benefits of the SIS-Easy System?

• MiniMind display warns the driver with visual and audio alerts
• Easily to install and configure with three different distance modes
• Patented ultra sonic sensor detects distance of approaching obstacles
• Reliable design, exclusively developed for materials handling equipment


ZoneSafe Proximity Detection System

ZoneSafe is an early warning system that gives audible and visual alerts when pedestrians are in blind spots or danger zones. This cost effective solution works with your existing safety measures to help to reduce the risk of forklift accidents.

This system uses specifically designed proximity antennas to give a 3-9 meter perimeter detection zone around the forklift. Personal Safety Transponders (PST) are worn by all personnel ensuring that when they enter this detection zone the alarm will be triggered.

Why Choose the ZoneSafe System?

• Suitable for all applications and types of equipment
• Rugged, weather resistant design suitable for all applications
• Can be used to set up exclusion zones around hazardous and restricted areas
• Optional accessories including check point units, touch screen display, extended range antennas, software tools, mobile apps and cloud based applications