Leavitt self dumping hopper attachment

Self-Dumping Hoppers

Self-dumping hoppers are widely utilized for waste disposal in a variety of industries. Also known as bin dumpers, these units can be affixed to most forklifts for easy operation. Leavitt Machinery is proud to offer a selection of high-quality bin dumpers for most leading makes and models. We also provide custom solutions for unique equipment and applications. Each of our self-dumping hoppers are built to deliver lasting, reliable performance in any environment. Whether you’re working in manufacturing, food production, forestry, or mining, we’ll help you find the perfect solution. Contact our team today to learn more about bin dumpers, attachments, and replacement parts!

Leavitt Machinery self dumping hopper attachment

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Features of Our Bin Dumpers

Removable Pin System
Each bin dumper we offer features a removable pin that quickly detaches the bin from the base. Users only need to remove four bolts to separate the base and bin, allowing for easy maintenance and inspections.

Spring-Loaded Lever System
This feature allows for safe dumping at elevated heights or while on the ground. Simply push or pull the lever to dump the hopper as required.

Fluid Drain
Our self-dumping hoppers feature a fluid drain plug that makes them ideal for outdoor applications. This prevents the accumulation of rainwater and other fluids.

Custom Lids
Hopper lids can be designed using 3D-CAD software to desired specifications. This service may require an additional fee.

Polyurethane Casters
Rigid and swivel casters can be added to our bin dumpers upon request for an additional fee. These casters allow for transportation of the bin without a forklift.

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Leavitt Machinery is a leading provider of quality replacement parts and attachments. We’re proud to offer OEM and aftermarket support for more than 50 leading brands. With over 100,000 unique SKUs, we provide complete parts solutions for forklifts, telehandlers, boom lifts, and other popular equipment. Our parts experts will work with you to provide a timely and effective solution every time you need it. Browse our parts section or call our team today to see how we can support your operation with quality parts.