Forklift Snow Plows and Bucket Attachments

Telehandler Buckets

Our snow plow and bucket attachments for forklifts and telehandlers offers companies an economical way to make your equipment more productive. Versatile enough to fit most makes and models, our high quality forklift snow plows and telehandler buckets are manufactured in the USA.

Contact our team to discuss custom bucket attachment options.

Fork Slot Telehandler BucketFork Slot Telehandler Buckets:

Increase equipment productivity with these easy to use slip-on fork bucket attachments. With large capacities, a 3/4" x 6" high carbon cutting edge and 1/2" x 4" wear strips, these buckets are durable and build to last. Please specify tine dimensions when ordering.

 Model Number
 Bucket Height
 Inside Depth
 Bucket Width
 Struck Capacity
 MFSB-60  28.5"  52"  60"  1.0 cu. yd.
 630 lbs.
 MFSB-72  52"  72"  1.2 cu. yd.
 675 lbs.
 MFSB-96   28.5"  52"  96"  1.6 cu. yd.
 850 lbs.
 MFSB-108   28.5"  52"  108"  1.8 cu. yd.
 920 lbs.


Quick Attach Telehandler BucketQuick Attach Buckets - For Telehandlers:

These quick attach buckets are versatile enough to fit most telehandler makes and models. Designed with a tubular structure on the backside of the bucket, and a 3/4" x 6" high carbon cutting edge, making it one of the toughest in the industry. Please note: Some quick attach mounts require an additional charge, please specify the make and model of your machine when ordering.

 Model Number
Outside Width
 Cubic Yard
 Cutting Edge
 3207212W  72"  1.2  Welded
 3207212B  72"  1.2  Bolt On
 3209615W  96"  1.5  Welded
 3206615B  96"  1.5  Bolt On
 3209625W  96"  2.5  Welded
 3209625B  96"  2.5  Bolt On


Standard Forklift Snow PlowStandard Forklift Snow Plow Attachments

Perfect for clearing your small yard or parking lot, these forklift snow plows are designed to fit both mast style forklifts and telehandlers or zoom booms. Available with an adjusting blade angle, you have the option of having auxiliary controls on the hydraulic model the SH200-VH.

 Model Number
 Blade Width
 Blade Height
 Blade Angle
 Blade Weight
 SH200-V  6' 6"
 1' 10"
 30° Left or Right
 375 lbs.
 SH200-VH  6' 6"
 1' 10"
 30° Left or Right  400 lbs.


Deluxe Forklift Snow PlowDeluxe Forklift Snow Plow Attachments

This all American built snow plow attachment for both telehandlers and forklifts has been designed to fit all makes and models. Featuring spring tipped tension control for a more forgiving ride, as well as adjustable skid shoes and replaceable cutting edges it stands up to the test of time. We are able to custom build these deluxe forklift snow plow attachments to accommodate any fork set up, so give us a call to discuss your requirements.

 Model Number
 Blade Width
 Blade Height
 Blade Angle
 LMSB-6  6'  25"  15° or 30° Left or Right
 305 lbs.
 LMSB-7  7'  25"  15° or 30° Left or Right  325 lbs.
 LMSB-8  8'  25"  15° or 30° Left or Right  325 lbs.


Available Forklift Snow Plow Options:

 Dual Angle Cylinder Packaging  2" x 6" Hydraulic Cylinder
 Box Ends
 1/4" x 11 x 21 with Pins
 Marker Flags
 1/2" x 36" Bright Orange
 Skid Shoes
 5" x 9" AR400 with Stem & Washer
 6' Cutting Edge
 5/8" x 6" x 6' Steel Bit
 7' Cutting Edge
 5/8" x 6" x 7' Steel Bit
 8' Cutting Edge
 5/8" x 6" x 8' Steel Bit



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