Manitou rough terrain forklift used on a construction site

Rough Terrain Forklifts

In the market for a rough terrain forklift? Leavitt Machinery can help. We’re proud to offer a selection of all-terrain forklifts that can suit the needs of any operation. Also known as off-road forklifts and Class 7 forklifts, these units feature extended ground clearance and larger tires compared to conventional lift trucks. This allows for exceptional traction and maneuverability on loose soil, uneven gravel, and thick mud. As a result, you’re able to carry loads over surfaces that standard forklifts can’t handle. When you need best-in-class maneuverability, look no further than our selection of rough terrain forklifts! Our team will work with you to provide the perfect all-terrain forklift solution for your needs, budget, and project timeline.

Leavitt Machinery is proud to provide complete equipment solutions for all applications and job sites. As the authorized dealer for more than 25 trusted brands, we offer tailored equipment solutions without factory pressure. This ensures that you’re getting equipment recommendations based solely on your needs and budget, nothing else. Whether you’re looking for an off-road forklift, on-site service, replacement parts, or operator training, we can help. With more than 20 locations throughout North America, we can provide local and remote operations with the same quality services.

Manitou rough terrain forklift hauling lumber

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Features and Benefits of All-Terrain Forklifts

All-Terrain Capabilities
For operations that deal with difficult surfaces, a conventional forklift isn’t going to get the job done. Standard lift trucks are too low to the ground and often feature smaller wheels. This means that they can get stuck in mud and potentially even tip over while traveling on uneven terrain. All Class 7 forklifts feature extended ground clearance and larger tires with deep treads. This combination results in unmatched traversal capabilities, allowing operators to transport loads across difficult terrain safely and effectively. Certain models also offer all-wheel drive for enhanced traversal abilities and handling.

Options for Every Application
We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of all-terrain forklifts. With a variety of lift capacities, configurations, and options, we can provide you with a tailor-made rough terrain forklift solution. Whether you need a high lift capacity, all-wheel drive, light bars, or a fully enclosed cab, we can help. Our off-road forklifts are ideal for construction, forestry, mining, agriculture, and more. We’ll work with you to understand your unique site challenges and deliver a solution that checks every box, not just some of them.

Service Made Simple
Regardless of the application, you never want to spend more time on inspections and maintenance than you need to. That’s why every rough terrain forklift in our lineup is designed to optimize service routines. Most service can be performed at ground level and on the same side of the machine. Fluid levels are easy to gauge and monitor, while many components can be quickly swapped out as needed. Some models are also equipped with remote diagnostic systems, further expediting inspection speed. This ensures that you’re spending less time on maintenance and more time on the job.

Enhanced Operator Comfort
A comfortable operator is a productive and alert operator. That’s why our all-terrain forklifts are designed with the operator in mind. Each unit features a spacious ergonomic cab with simplified, easy to use controls. All models are designed to minimize engine noise and vibration during use, reducing operator strain. Some models offer a fully enclosed cab that can be outfitted with air conditioning to further enhance comfort. In addition to comfort, every rough terrain forklift in our lineup is designed to offer full 360° visibility, enhancing safety.

Innovative Technology and Safety
When you choose one of our rough terrain forklifts, you’re choosing powerful performance backed by smart technology and innovative designs. Every unit is designed to maximize visibility, stability, and handling. This optimizes safety and minimizes the risk of damaging materials during transport. Some rough terrain forklifts are also equipped with advanced systems that allow for remote diagnostics and other convenient functions. As a result, you’re able to quickly gauge the condition of your machine, ensuring that it’s always in good working order.

For more information on our selection of rough terrain forklifts, contact our team! Our equipment experts will work with you to provide a tailored solution for your operation.