Aisle-Master Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Aisle-Master's VNA articulated forklift series expertly combines the benefits of a sit down counterbalance forklift with the enhanced usability of a very narrow aisle forklift while also increasing your warehouse space utilization by up to 50%!  Only one truck required for your freight loading (inside AND outside), dock work, and very narrow aisles from 74”.

The winner of the UK's FLTA Award of Excellence in innovation and design, Aisle-Master's cold storage model provides operators with exceptional comfort in low and unforgiving temperatures. With heated windows, powerful batteries and fully enclosed cab, this cold storage application forklift allows for consistent productivity at -30°.  Provides the ability to increase inventory density vs. reach trucks by 30% allowing much better ROI for high cost cold storage operation.


Aisle Master 44SE Forklift Aisle-Master 44SE
• 4,400 lbs. Capacity
• 39.6 ft. (12.09 m) Max Lift Height
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Our team can also work with you to provide a complete facility design and floor plan configuration at no cost to you. Ask for your free consultation and references to many existing facilities operating fleets of Aisle-Master forklifts.

Why Choose a Very Narrow Aisle - Aisle-Master Forklift?

Easy Operation with an articulated design that enables the operator to easily turn the steering and mast through 90°, operators can easily navigate narrow aisles or unload trucks in busy yards.  This significantly increases the velocity of your inventory which can reduce warehouse labour costs, the fork truck fleet size, and ongoing maintenance costs.

2-in-1 Forklift Design made to replace the need for counterbalance dock forklifts. You can now operate “dock to stock”.  This VNA forklift easily maneuvers from unloading a trailer to stacking within your inventory aisles.

Increase Storage Density by up to 50% with very narrow aisle forklifts. With the ability to maneuver in aisle widths as narrow as 74”, Aisle-Master forklifts increase productivity and maximize storage space.

Run Multiple Shifts on a Single Battery with these energy efficient forklifts, reduce down time and increase your facilities productivity.  These units have been installed into very high use applications (3500+ hours per year) operating over 3 shifts without the need to ever change batteries.  Reclaim the space you commit to a battery room and store more inventory!

Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities make moving between the warehouse and semi-rough yards, in all weather environments, an easy task. These forklifts feature a high output AC drive motor making sure they can easily navigate ramps or gradients.  

Reliability is critical for your operations and the Aisle-Master forklifts have demonstrated to operate at a much lower cost for maintenance and repair while also significantly increasing uptime vs VNA or reach trucks.  They are no hard, small diameter, poly wheels which are constantly needing to be replaced.

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