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In 2023, Canada introduced the Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR) to combat climate change by promoting cleaner fuels and technologies. This groundbreaking regulation not only aims to reduce emissions but also opens new revenue streams for businesses. By charging your electric forklifts and other equipment, you can earn over $0.25 per kWh. Eligible equipment includes forklifts, yard-semis, car chargers, and both heavy and medium-duty trucks. Partner with PineSpire to simplify compliance and maximize your CFR earnings.


Canadian Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR)
In 2023, Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR) was implemented to reduce emissions. These regulations promote the use of cleaner fuels and technologies to mitigate climate change and reduce environmental impact.

Generate Revenue From Your Electric Fleet
Earn over $0.25/kWh from charging your electric forklifts and other electric equipment.

Qualified Electric Equipment
The following existing and new equipment are eligible: forklifts, yard-semis, car chargers, heavy duty, and medium duty trucks.

PineSpire’s Services
Work with us for your compliance needs, and make earning CFR revenue simple.

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