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Updated: May 5, 2022

Carer High Capacity Forklifts

Carer Electric Forklifts, located in the automobile industry region of Italy outside Bologna, has produced only electric, high lift capacity forklifts since 1976. Distribution for Carer in North America, which includes complete parts inventories and technical support teams, is based in Seattle and Vancouver.

The engineers at Carer, which counts for about 40 percent of the company's overall workforce, are responsible for continuous improvement of new and innovative high-capacity electric forklifts. This objective has been met, allowing businesses using high-capacity LP or diesel forklifts in almost any industry to save money while reducing environmental exposure.

The A70X-300X series - 15,000lbs to 66,000lbs

The A series was developed in part by the port, lumber, and steel industries. Carer's triangular battery compartment, which allows for easier capacity increases, the overhead tilt cylinders that provide greater stability, the silent blocks that eliminate sound and vibration within the cab, the powerful twin drive motors with high volt operating system, and the regenerative braking system that increases battery lifetime, all make this electric Carer forklift the best in its class. These cutting-edge features create a solution that is ideal when considering the replacement of diesel forklifts in industries such as lumber, steel, port, cement, and hay.

The Carer team recognized that these businesses needed additional attention as they developed their product, and it rapidly became apparent there was another essential element to consider... How would these giants be powered? Only a solution that could keep up with high usage, multiple shifts, and powerful energy consumption without the need for battery replacement satisfied the criteria. The end result was a purpose-built machine that has a 144-volt operating system and a 1600amp hour lithium no maintenance battery, capable of keeping up to the demands of any application.

A Series Models:

  • A70X - 15,400lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center
  • A80X - 17,500lbs. capacity, with a 24”, 36” or 48” load center
  • A100X - 15,400lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center
  • A120X - 15,400lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center
  • A140-short - 30,500lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center-SHORT chassis
  • A160-short - 35,000lbs. capacity, with a 24” or 36” load center-SHORT chassis
  • A160X - 35,000lbs. capacity, with a 24” or 48” load center
  • A180X - 40,000lbs. capacity with a 48” load center
  • A200X - 44,000lbs. capacity with a 48” load center
  • A300X - 66,000lbs. capacity with a 48” load center

The Z60-180H & HD series - Ranging from 13,000lbs to 40,000lbs

CARER's Z series is a shining example of cutting-edge technology. The Z series has been developed to work in extremely tight spaces, with capacities ranging from 13,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds. Furthermore, it provides superior performance, long operating time, lower operating expenses, and other advantages that make it an excellent choice for the steel distribution and processing, smelting, aerospace, automotive, paper & cement industries.

Compact in size
The CARER Z series can provide a short overall length by elevating the battery compartment and placing the rear steer axle beneath the battery. As a result, this high-capacity forklift has enormous lift capacity and is able to maneuver through tight and difficult spaces.

Raised driving position
The operator's position is higher by shortening the chassis and relocating the battery compartment. With a greater operating position and typical rearview camera, the CARER Z series offers 360-degree visibility, making it simpler and safer in every application.

Ergonomics and comfort
The Z series' premium full suspension seat, spacious and comfortable interior, and ergonomic steering setup make operators not only more pleasant to ride in, but also safer to operate.

High voltage operating systems
The Z series' 96V and 120V operating systems, which use some of the most cutting-edge technology on the market, improve autonomy and efficiency. These highly efficient, high voltage systems allow for the use of lower currents while also lowering battery stress, battery power consumption, and overall temperatures.

Electric Braking
The new 100% electric braking system is installed directly on the two front traction motors. This improves overall efficiency, as well as reducing the need for brake repairs and maintenance.

The RH2 & R-short series - Ranging from 9,000lbs to 17,500lbs

The R series was created to work in both a residential and industrial setting. This truck, which is available with an 80volt or 96volt operating system, is intended to satisfy the needs of most any application while remaining one of Carer's most simple models. This workhorse has a capacity range from 9000 to 17500 pounds at a 24-inch loading center, depending on the voltage and capacity.

The Carer R series, as with all Carer products, makes use of the battery beneath the operator as a counterbalance. This spreads weight equally between all four wheels for greater stability and up to 100 percent residual capacity that is unattainable with internal combustion forklifts.

The R series consists of the 11,000-pound and 12,000-pound R50 and R55H2-SHORT. Models. These contemporary modifications to the traditional boxcar Forklift have a short turning radius (STR), intended to fulfill all STR demands. This model's container version has a lowered overhead guard and is constructed with containers and railcars in mind.

Carer provides a number of more options in order to ensure that the R series is appropriate for the application. Fingertip controls built into the armrest, an enclosed cab with optional heating and air conditioning, heated pneumatic low-vibration seats, a high-temperature kit, and explosion proof (EX) choices are all available as options. Making it one of Carer's most popular models.

When it comes to calculating the ROI for changing an internal combustion truck with an R series truck, or any of Carer's high-capacity electric forklifts, most measures focus only on energy savings (fuel). The financial benefits are much greater than just fuel savings alone, and a more accurate ROI would include the following:

  • Reduced utilization through elimination standby idle time
  • Capital costs (extended depreciation term and internal cost of funds)
  • Reduced repairs and maintenance costs
  • Reduced intangible costs
  • Energy (electricity) consumption costs
  • Costs associated with unproductive labor – limited battery maintenance
  • Reduced tire replacement costs

In other words, removing barriers and minimizing expenses is critical in any business. Developing new and creative ideas is what we do at Carer, and our A, Z, and R series trucks are a great illustration of that.