Use the Combilift Slip Sheet to Load Your containers

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Combilift Slip Sheet moving lumber into a container

Are you looking for a quick and safe way to load containers and turn them around? Learn how the Combilift Slip Sheet (CSS) provides a fresh answer to an old problem.

Built by Combilift, the Slip Sheet (CSS) was designed to be especially beneficial to businesses who have trouble loading their products into containers in a timely, safe, and cost-effective way.

Why should you care about the Combilift Slip Sheet?

The current inefficient process for loading lumber containers is to utilize one forklift to lift and move the product laterally while another forklift pushes the product lengthwise into the container.

Below is a video clip of the traditional method vs the Combilift Slip Sheet method.

The Combilift Slip Sheet solves 3 main problems

Safety risks
Operators are at risk when multiple forklifts are needed to perform a single task.

Elevated damage costs
Damage to product, equipment, packaging, pallets, dunnage, and the container itself.

Inefficient workflow
3-12 hours to load a single container with forklifts as opposed to 3-6 minutes with the Combilift Slip Sheet.

How does it work?

The Combilift Slip Sheet is a low, free-standing platform that can load 20’, 40’, and 53’ containers. The forklift operator begins by staging the load onto the slip sheet platform positioned behind the container. Then, the steel sheet that lays on top of the platform is hydraulically moved into the container that’s activated by a dual-direction motor underneath. Once the goods are loaded safely into the container, a hydraulic ram closes at the entrance and the sheet is slipped back out from underneath leaving the goods inside and ready to ship.

Combilift Slip Sheet Specs

  • 65,000 lbs. capacity
  • Dual Direction Motor - 50 HP 3 Phase
  • Cycle time - 20’ container – 3 minutes; 40’ container – 6 minutes
  • Overall Length – 652”
  • Width – 128”
  • Height – 25”
  • Container frame length – 385”
  • Hydraulic Height adjustment, Side Shifting for alignment
  • Laser guide alignment – auto detects container length
  • Hydraulic locking pins to locate, hold and align the container
  • 3 operator cameras