Outgrowing your facility and equipment? Consider the Combilift C-series!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Combilift C-Series in front of a Leavitt Machinery branch

Starting to outgrow your facility and/or your equipment? Beginning to consider expanding or even moving your entire business? Doing so can be very costly. Before you make any large decisions, it’s important to take a look at all your options.

As the worldwide pandemic continues to have an impact on every industry, there are pockets of growth and opportunity that have prompt businesses to grow and address difficult questions about how to continue operating in uncertain times.

As a result of commercial and residential building being named an essential service, the businesses up and down the channel have seen multi-year growth plans realized in a fraction of the time. This puts significant pressure on supply and manufacturing. This is also occurring at a time when building technology is changing and evolving. While construction businesses are attempting to carefully utilize/limit their on-site staff without sacrificing efficiency, a shift is being made toward larger, finished components that are hauled in to be installed rather than constructed.

Modular building systems, mass timber, structural steel, concrete precast, and various composite panel technologies are all gaining popularity in the construction industry. These building mediums present a dimensional challenge throughout all stages of their life cycle:

  • Receiving/storing/utilizing raw materials
  • The manufacturing processes
  • Staging/storing the finished product
  • Picking product and transitioning for delivery

These items can become a nightmare for facility flow, storage capacity, and current on-site equipment if they are not adequately planned for.

Combilift has developed a business by providing a unique long load handling solution designed to address these challenges and possibly improve your company’s capabilities.

The Combilift C-Series

The Combilift C-Series forklift trucks are intended to handle your lengthy and specific loads in the most productive, safe, and dependable way possible. Designed to increase your efficiency by combining the functions of a sideloaded, counterbalance, and narrow aisle forklift into one machine.

Benefits of a Combilift C-Series

Getting more done in less time The Combilift C-Series combines three forklifts into one, a sideloader, a counter balanced forklift, and a narrow aisle forklift. This means you can eliminate double handling of materials to improve productivity. The C-Series will also be able to navigate through narrow doorways and around objects with ease!

Increasing your storage capacity By taking advantage of a 4-way forklift, you’re able to have large load lengths and weight while keeping within the confines of a narrow aisle. Allowing for effortless transport of long loads through aisles as narrow as its own width, the Combilift C-series is the perfect machine for optimizing your storage capacity!

Creating a safer work environment Having a low center of gravity and integrated platform provides a stable base to rest loads during transport. This means you no longer need to carry loads at elevated heights to clear racking, personnel, or transport trucks. This overall reduces the risk of incidents in the workplace. Side-mounted operator cabins also provides a clear view of the forks and load. This reduces the potential for product damage.

Combilift C-Series Specifications

  • Capacity Range: 5,000–55,000lbs
  • 4 Way Multidirectional – Combining 3 machines - Sideloader, Counterbalance, Narrow Aisle Forklift
  • Fuel Types: Electric / LPG / Diesel
  • Lift Heights: up to 42’
  • Load Sensing Steering
  • 3 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive