Carer A70X: A 15,500lbs Electric Forklift

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Carer A70X Electric Forklift in a showroom

Carer has been a leader when it comes to designing and creating electric forklifts for almost half a century. Despite having faced many challenges, Carer has always had their focus on revolutionizing the electric forklift industry.

During 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, Carer launched it’s A160-200@1200X. This is the first electric forklift capable of competing with even the most powerful diesel machines.

In 2021, Carer launched the A140-160-Short. This was a groundbreaking solution with capacities ranging from 31,000lbs to 35,000lbs with a 48inch load center. This A Series truck shook the industry with its minimal footprint and the ability to maintain a high capacity.

As we enter 2022, Carer has launched the the A70x. This model was made in response to the demand for 15,500lbs electric forklifts. While featuring the same design and performance as the larger AX models, the result is an electric solution that delivers lower capacity, a minimized footprint, and a highly efficient 96-volt operating system.

The new A70X has been designed specifically to be used both indoors or outdoors and is ideal for applications that need a high-capacity machine in confined spaces. Recognized as a versatile machine that can be utilized in a variety of applications that would be difficult for other forklifts, Carer is proud to be able to offer the A70X.

When this 15,500lbs forklift was launched in the European market, it was immediately in high demand for lumber, steel, paper, gypsum, cement, aluminum, and miscellaneous manufacturing applications.

Visually, the A70X is identical to the 15,500lbs model. These models use the same chassis and frame. The difference is the A70X has been equipped with modified components, such as the hydraulics, and the inverter. By modifying various components, Carer was able to offer a solution that was able to offer the same efficiency and performance as the AX series, at a lower price and capacity rating.

With confined and restrictive environments in mind, the engineers at Carer made sure that the electric forklift designed would be able to tackle those environments with ease. By reconfiguring the mast assembly and including super-elastic tires, they were able to maintain stability while increasing maneuverability.

Did you know that the Carer 470X has considerably reduced operating costs? Featuring fewer moving parts then a comparable IC forklift, the frequency of checkups, service, and replacing worn components is reduced. This reduces the cost of parts and maintenance, along with the cost savings for fuel, and an extended life cycle.

Key Specifications:

  • Two AC powered traction motors integrated in the front axle, generating enhanced acceleration, torque, and quicker travel speeds.
  • Long Operating Times, thanks to a highly efficient 96V operating system, and up to 1548 Ah capacity lithium battery – designed for high utilization, 3 shifts, 24/7 applications.
  • Electric hydraulic brakes.
  • Advanced Multifunctional Display.
  • Seat Grammer MSG in sky.
  • Tilt Cylinders are mounted on the overhead guard, providing more stability and less exposure to damage.
  • The standard six carriage rollers provide stability at maximum lift heights.
  • Programable reduction of travel speed system for cornering.
  • Automatic parking brake.
  • Cab is mounted on silent blocks, to eliminate sound and vibration.
  • Standard rear-view camera.
  • Proportional Electrohydraulic Valve bank with three functions and three fingertip mini levers.

The new Carer A70X electric forklift truck, represents a great distinction in the material handling landscape, because:

  • They are as powerful and efficient as combustion trucks.
  • They are economically advantageous – typical ROI is less than 24 months.
  • They are safe, guaranteeing a healthy work environment free from emissions, vibrations, and noise.
  • They are green, as they respect the environment.
  • They can be customized in accordance with the specific needs of international customers.