Presenting the Manitou 3200 VT - A 114 HP Compact Skid Steer

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Manitou 3200 VT working on a construction site

After pioneering rough terrain forklifts, Manitou has stepped into developing high-power compact track loaders and skid steers with high-end technology to overcome some of the most common issues with their operation. Manitou’s innovation in the compact 3200 VT tracked skidsteer loader is groundbreaking. Let’s find out more about the Manitou 3200 VT tracked skid-steer loader and how it is the ideal machine for operators.

A Great Looking Skid-Steer with Increased Torque and Traction

This 114 HP machine is a class on its own with exceptional capacity and state-of-the-art hydraulic system technology. The unit is equipped with an optional high flow hydraulic system that works in unison with specialized high flow hydraulic attachments.

Manitou recognized a common issue with compact loaders is a lack of torque while moving heavy loads on rough terrains. Torque is the tractive force that is applied on the tracks by the engine of the machine. Part of the problem is that manufacturers rely on the traditional belt-driven engine system which is cheaper to produce but results in lost engine power and higher maintenance costs for the end-user. Having reasonable traction for such compact tracked loaders is key to handling the load and easy maneuverability.

Manitou Skid Steers – Solution Driven

  • Manitou worked on increasing the torque value and did extensive research on how to overcome the challenge. They developed a solution in which the engine would directly drive the hydraulic pump, rather than using a belt-driven engine system.
  • The hydraulic pump acts on the drive sprockets to engage the tracks which increases overall traction.
  • Manitou devised the Ideal Trax System which is an automatic track tensioning system.
  • The Ideal Trax System is very beneficial as properly tensioned tracks can use up to 90 percent less engine horsepower during counter-rotation than over tensioned tracks, which saves fuel and improves machine performance.
  • When the machine is stopped, this patented groundbreaking technology by Manitou releases the tension on the tracks resulting in decreased wear of the tracks and increasing their life expectancy by 15%-20%.
  • Another convenient feature offered by this system is easier track replacement. Both tracks for the Manitou 3200 VT can be changed in under 30 minutes in the field. This is done with the flip of a switch that reverses the flow of the hydraulic fluid causing the tracks to release the tension and rise for easy removal.
  • The Ideal Trax system also helps eliminate the 250-hour maintenance interval for adjusting and tightening the tracks.

A Skid Steer Loader Second to None when it Comes to Operator Comfort

A 114 HP Deutz engine with 340 ft-lbs of torque drives the entire track system which is the best in class across the industry and ensures maximum power for completing the toughest tasks. Apart from this key competitive advantage, there are some other great features as well.

Bi-folding door: Manitou’s engineering team has another feather in its cap which is the patented bi-folding door. This patented door system allows the door to fold into the cab just below the roof offering higher head clearance. Instead of having a swinging open door like most of the competitors. A bi-folding door creates an easier and safer cab for operators to enter and exit. This protects the glass of the door from that all too common issue of being accidentally opened into attachments that are not fully lowered.

Operator station safety: The operator cab is equipped with Fall Over Protection System (FOPS) which ensures that the operator and the machine are well protected in case a load falls over on the operator cab. Level 1, which is the industry standard is designed to bear the impact of 100lbs dropped from a height of 10 feet and compresses to deflect the load from crushing the cab. Manitou uses Level 2 FOPS which is an enhanced version of FOPS and can bear the weight up to 500lbs dropped from 10 feet.

Attachments for all kinds of jobs: Manitou is well known across Europe and now also North America for their world-class attachments. Manitou manufactures the skid loader attachments from their facilities in Yankton, South Dakota. From a digging bucket to a demolition grapple, a stump grinder, a concrete breaker, or a snowblower, they have got a solution for your application.

Manitou’s worldwide reputation

The Manitou Group, is a well-established global company with its headquarters in France. Manitou is gaining popularity day by day across the world for its cutting-edge technology embedded in rough terrain forklifts, telehandlers, skid steers and much more. Manitou is continuously reaching into new markets and developing rapport with new clients across the world by expanding the brand and distribution of products.

A partnership for Success – Leavitt Machinery and Manitou

Leavitt Machinery is one of the first few dealers in North America with a complete line of Manitou skid steers, compact & track loaders, forklifts, and telehandlers and has been a partner since 2001. With more models of Manitou compact tracked loaders including the Manitou 3200 VT, we are a leading partner in supporting Manitou’s compact equipment product division growth projection.

Learn more about Manitou forklifts, compact loaders or telehandlers from one of our sales representatives and we can show you the best solutions for rental, purchase or leasing options.