The Simplest Way to Cut Warehousing Costs

Not ready to make the leap into a fully-automated warehouse? Luckily semi-automated warehousing can be achieved for 90% of the cost of fully-automated!

Order picking tasks can represent up to 70% of a warehouse's labour cost. It is no surprise that warehouses and distribution centers are searching for ways to automate these processes. The Warehouse Navigation System (WNS) by Jungheinrich allows companies to step towards automation. This will reduce their labour head count, machinery fleet size, and time spent training operators. It will also increase workplace safety and significantly reduce pick errors.

So how does semi-automation work?

rfid image
The Warehouse Navigation System cuts out steps that used to be completed by operators with the use of RFID technology. RFID technology uses small chips to map out the entire warehouse and inventory. This allows the WNS to communicate with the Jungheinrich trucks to locate products.

The WNS no longer sends orders to the machine operator. Instead it sends the orders directly to the truck. The operator then holds the truck accelerator and the truck will transport the operator to the SKU location. The WNS calculates the best way to get the operator to the SKU location. The path always has the quickest time, the shortest distance, and uses the least amount of energy.

aOperators won't have to waste time on tedious tasks anymore with the help of the Warehouse Navigation System. They won't have to waste time reading pick tickets or computer monitors to try and locate SKU locations themselves. Less accidents will occur as operators won't be manually driving the machine. By eliminating or reducing time spent to complete some of these tasks, the burden placed on the operator is reduced. This yields significant increases to warehouse productivity.

Why should you choose semi-automation over full-automation?

The main reason is simple. Why would you spend more on full-automation when you can get many of the same benefits with semi-automation, while also saving 90% of the cost? Semi-automation allows the operator to take over and drive the equipment when necessary. This provides more flexibility in the warehouse. The WNS can also be implemented in any existing warehouse without having to change existing management systems.

Cast Study: Apparel Distribution Warehouse

A large apparel distributor implemented the Jungheinrich WNS and was able to achieve the following results: Jungheinrich-Warehouse-Management-System-resize

  • Decreased aisle width which reduced required floor space by 45,000 sq. ft.
  • Eliminated need for an off-site warehouse
  • Reduced order picker staff by 40%
  • Annual savings of over $800,000
  • System price paid back within first 12 months of operation
Investing in the Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation System will cut labour and overhead costs. It will also help increase overall warehouse safety. Enjoy increased productivity and near-perfect pick accuracy with Jungheinrich's warehouse lineup.

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