Deliver Anything, Anywhere

Updated: May 24, 2016

Four ways the Manitou TMT enhances your ability to serve customers

Let’s face it, not every customer location is equipped with a loading dock. When you are dealing with deliveries to rural locations such as farms or ranches, off-loading supplies can be a challenge. Especially when navigating uneven terrain in less than optimal driving conditions.

Manitou’s Truck Mounted Forklift (TMT) Series is a portable, rough terrain forklift that combines the best features of three very different machines. With the extended reach of a telehandler, the compact size of a forklift and the maneuverability of a sideloader, this machine enables you to deliver anything, anywhere.

Four ways the TMT series helps you to extend your delivery range

  1. With 4 way steering, the wheels of the TMT series pivot 180° giving you the ability to move forwards, backwards or side to side. This feature makes it the perfect choice for handling long loads like lumber and other building supplies.
  2. A small turning radius makes it easy to deliver in small yards, while the compact and light weight design allows you to easily navigate through low-clearance doorways.
  3. The telescoping, fully retracting boom enables drivers to unload an entire truck from one side, giving you the option of parking alongside a road or building.
  4. Time is money, the TMT series unhooks and is ready to start unloading or loading in less than one minute.

When deliveries are your business and exceptional customer service is your goal, we recommend one of Manitou’s truck mounted forklifts. By opting for a machine that can do the job of three pieces of equipment you reduce overall operating cost of your fleet and give drivers the ability to meet the customer’s needs, regardless of their environment.