3 Ways Electric Forklifts are Changing the Industry

Electric Forklift MythsIn 2010, Economics for Equity and Environment claimed, in their newly released study, that for every 10,000 hours of use, internal combustion engine forklifts emit 12,000 more pounds of carbon emissions than electric forklift options.

As the cost of fossil fuels and carbon taxes rise, forklift manufacturers are aggressively looking for ways to reduce emissions while customers continue to work to reduce their carbon foot print. The answer came in the form of high capacity electric forklifts with pneumatic chassis that could weather continued exposure to the elements.

Traditionally, electric forklifts have been thought of as low capacity, indoor material handling solutions, designed for warehouses and narrow aisle applications. However, as we introduce high capacity electric options to our customers, we find ourselves debunking numerous common myths about electric forklifts.

MYTH: Tier 4 Diesel and LPG Engine forklifts are the only low-emission options for high capacity, outdoor and rough terrain applications.

Hyundai High Capacity ElectricsFACT: As the ICE lift truck industry moves towards Tier 4-compliant engines for high capacity forklifts, several manufacturers have made significant strides to create emissions free alternatives. These high capacity electric forklifts offer the same driving speeds as their ICE counter parts, and in most cases increased torque.

Cat Lift Trucks, Carer and Hyundai forklifts are just a few of the manufacturers who have invested in high capacity lift truck design. They understand the importance of providing green materials handling solutions, and have developed models that easily handle heavy loads and can stand up against any weather or terrain.

MYTH: Electric forklifts cost more than Internal Combustion Engine forklifts

FACT: When you add the acquisition cost and the overall running cost of ICE and electric forklift options and compare them, the numbers speak for themselves. Although a higher initial investment, electric forklifts offer significantly lower maintenance and operating costs.

Electric Forklifts Offer:

  • Lower real life depreciation and running costs
  • 40-60% reduction in service costs and easy maintenance
  • Greater energy efficiency compared to ICE equipment alternatives
  • Green materials handling with no harmful emissions and less vibration and noise pollution

MYTH: Electric forklifts decrease productivity with complicated charging systems and long recharging cycles.

High Capacity Electric ForkliftsFACT: The evolution of forklift batteries and charging systems means that most electric forklifts provide extended operating times that can easily cover an entire shift. However, the highest return on investment in electric forklifts comes from multi-shift or energy draining applications where forklifts are running around the clock and fuel costs can skyrocket.

Fast charging systems and quick, efficient battery exchange is critical for these applications, and no two customers’ needs will be the same. Because of this, we provide flexible and customizable charging options with battery extraction systems that ensure that even the most unskilled workers can switch out batteries quickly and easily.