Hyundai 160D-7E Diesel Forklift brings muscle to demanding operations

Updated: Jan 5, 2015

Hyundai’s 160D-7E diesel forklift incorporates power and efficiency with durability and safety, a necessary combination for completing any job. One of 24 models in Hyundai’s high-performance, fuel efficient, diesel forklift product line, the 160D-7E is capable of handling even the toughest applications in the container handling, timber, lumber, concrete and steel industries.

Built with a 6-cylinder, turbo-charged, Tier III, 162 hp, Cummins QSB6.7 engine, the 160D-7E provides optimum power, low noise and unparalleled fuel efficiency. This model features an engine control mode, which according to operator preference, can be adjusted from Standard Mode, a fuel reduction mode for light-duty operation, to Power Mode, for heavy-duty or slope operation. A fully automatic transmission offers easy, convenient handling and soft, smooth shifting while also allowing operators to select between two kinds of automatic modes.

The 160D-7E forklift’s robust, high-output engine offers greater acceleration, better gradeability and faster travel speed on tough terrains or slopes. Additional features include cruise control, a transmission control switch and front, mast and rear work lamps for excellent night work.

Key Specifications:

Horsepower kW(hp)@rpms:119(162)@2,200
Extended Mast Height (in): 185
Load Capacity (lbs): 35,273

In addition to providing power and fuel efficiency, Hyundai’s 160D-7E forklift offers the ultimate comfort and usability. Like all Hyundai equipment, this model was designed with operators in mind, to relieve fatigue and increase efficiency. This model is equipped with operator-friendly gauges and a water-resistant monitor panel, as well as an easily adjustable suspension seat, providing superior comfort and safety. The 160D-7E also features high-output air conditioning mounted on the upper side of the cabin to maximize space and ensure a pleasurable environment. Another beneficial feature of this machine is its Engine Start Limit (ESL), which, if selected, makes engine starting possible only after password verifying as well as the rear view camera monitor, which supports four camera channels making operation safer and easier. Also included to maximize ease of use and comfort are a centralized instrument switch panel, MP3/CD player and remote control, quick response operating control levers, ergonomically positioned pedals and an adjustable steering column.

Safety and durability remained top priorities for Hyundai during the design of the 160D-7E forklift. This highly durable machine has a carriage manufactured entirely with rugged, high tensile structural steel. The 160D-7E is equipped with an up-to-date cooling system, making minimum fuel consumption and low noise possible by applying the hydraulic cooling fan which senses intake air, transmission oil, coolant and hydraulic temperatures. Hyundai’s 160D-7E also features an Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS), which allows mast tilting, lifting and lowering only when the operator is in the normal position. This model has a durable hypoid-type planetary reduction drive axle, which smoothly delivers desired torque to the drive wheels as well as a auto parking feature, which automatically engages when the transmission is in neutral and the operator leaves the seat. The 160D-7E is also equipped with a wet disc brake system, fitted protector for hub bolts, a cylinder guard and a large footboard and handle for improved convenience and safety.

To minimize downtime and ensure easy access and convenient maintenance, Hyundai’s 160D-7E forklift features a large engine hood with a highly accessible engine compartment. An automatic cabin tilting system makes servicing of all power train components quick and easy, electronically allowing tilting of the operator cabin to the left side, approximately 65 degrees. The 160D-7E forklift is also equipped with an easy change air filter with sensor alerts for clogging, a cabin air fresh filter, a compact fuse box for easy inspection, an automatic self-locking gas spring, a large tool box, a pressure gauge port and an easy maintenance oil check, all of which make maintenance quick and easy.

Hyundai Forklift offers quality, high-performance material-handling equipment, including electric, diesel, internal combustion cushion and internal combustion pneumatic forklifts.