A New Approach To Forklift Certification

Updated: Nov 18, 2014

Operator training for a  forklift certification

It’s not surprising to learn that OSHA statistics indicate there are roughly 34,900 serious injuries each year involving forklifts. Like operating a car or truck, a forklift can be a powerful tool or a dangerous weapon and it all comes down to the operator.

Forklift operator training is critical to the safety of your operators and your equipment. It reduces the risk of accidents and resulting injuries to operators and coworkers, but it also protects your company against both product and property damage.

Leavitt Training has introduced a new blended learning platform for forklift operators and in-house forklift instructors. This combination includes our online forklift training course, online WHMIS and Transportation of Dangerous Goods course and practical training at one of our 13 training branches.

Our blending learning option significantly speeds up the process and enables operators with busy or irregular schedules to get certified quickly and easily. Online training for WHMIS, TDG and the Forklift operator safety theory can be taken at any time from any place, offering a flexibility Leavitt Training has not been able to provide until now.

Call us today and save $135 when you purchase our forklift training blended learning package. This program includes the cost of your WHMIS/TDG online course, Forklift Training online course, and the forklift practical training at one of our facilities. This introductory price won’t last long, so call us today to save on your training.