SPYDERCRANE Mini Crawler Cranes: A new breed of crane

Updated: Aug 5, 2014

SPYDERCRANE Mini Crawler lifting glass

SPYDERCRANE and Leavitt Machinery would like to challenge the way you think about cranes. We all see traditional self-erecting and tower cranes as we drive through our cities. We see them flanking high rises and littering cityscapes, but you would never expect to see them moving through doorways or assisting in indoor applications……until now.

Manufactured by the Japanese crane industry expert Furukawa UNIC Corp, the SPYDERCRANE Mini Crawler Cranes offer unparalleled versatility, maneuverability and lifting capacity. Their compact design allows it to travel where no crane has gone before, all models fit through standard doorways enabling you to easily navigate restricted and confined spaces.

With individually adjustable outriggers, all SPYDERCRANE models offer multiple leg extension and angle positions making it possible to set up and around obstacles. With 360-degree continuous rotation the mini crawler cranes provide safe lifting in all directions and closer to the center line of rotation when the outriggers are set in the maximum position.

As an additional benefit, all cranes include a fully functional radio remote control to increase operator flexibility. Increased visibility, safe proximity and precise load placement make this a highly desired piece of equipment for complicated construction and indoor renovation jobs.

If you are interested in more information or would like to rent or demo one of our SPYDERCRANE mini crawler cranes, please contact us or visit our SPYDERCRANE manufacturer page.