Introducing Carer Electric Forklifts

Updated: Jul 29, 2014

Five Carer Electric Forklifts in front of a window

We’re excited to introduce a new line of high capacity electric forklifts to our customers. Founded in 1976, Carer Forklifts specializes in producing counterbalanced electric forklift trucks for standard and special applications. Recognized for reliability and being pioneers in the application of electronic principles and technology in their forklift designs, Carer Forklifts has been optimizing and improving the quality and performance of electric forklifts for decades.

Targeting very specific, demanding, niche markets, the Carer philosophy is based on ensuring the highest level of specialization and efficiency during every stage of construction. With Carer Forklifts it’s about the details, in every stage of manufacturing Carer’s technicians are required to pay the utmost attention to the details of each forklift in production.

For more information on Carer forklifts and the product lines available, contact us today or visit our Carer manufacturer page.