Tough Mudder 2014

This year our outbound sales parts support guys participated in Tough Mudder a military style obstacle course at the Whistler Olympic Park. Designed to test physical and mental strength and promote team-building, our  guys trained individually and as a team for one hour every Wednesday for the five months leading up to this competition. 

We might have teased them for leaving their training gear all over our warehouse, but it all paid off. Tough Mudder releases course details only two weeks before the event so our team trainer Nelson Dominguez developed a unique training circuit centered around running and muscular strength

For their first work out Nelson led the team on a 1 km run, he started to panic not sure if they were going to make it when they collapsed after it. Eventually with a common circuit of body weight exercises, kettlebells and more running the guys started to improve. 


For their last training session they ran close to 8 km in addition to their circuit training, everyone was surprised by the difference in their endurance compared to that first session. In the end our guys finished the race together without out any injury with an amazing time of 4 hours and 15 minutes.

What did we learn? No matter how bad your fitness level is, with a little commitment, teamwork and a good program even office guys can master a program like Tough Mudder.