Leavitt Machinery for Agriculture

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Manitou equipment moving hay

Leavitt Machinery is one of the fastest growing material handling suppliers in all of North America. Though Leavitt Machinery is known primary through the industrial and construction basted markets, Leavitt Machinery is also providing solutions for agriculture! Learn more about how Leavitt Machinery has all of your agricultural needs covered!

Dedicated and Trained Staff

Regardless of if you’re buying, renting, or in need of training, we want to ensure you’re dealing with an expert! We understand in order to serve and provide value to the Agriculture community, we’ve got to have a dedicated and knowledgeable team.

Divers and Quality Product Lines

Loading a train, feeding cows, pilling potatoes, or grabbing hay? At Leavitt Machinery, we’re a one-stop-shop for all of our material handing needs. With over 30 different brands and countless models for feeding, cleaning, stacking, reaching, and loading, you can be sure we’ve got you covered. Not sure if we have the right machine for your agricultural needs? Reach out to our team today and we’ll find a solution that works for you!

Extensive Coverage

With locations across North America, we can offer emergency service options as well as fast parts shipping.


At Leavitt Machinery, we’ve helped countless companies increase their efficiency. Below are just a few examples:

Dairy Farm
We’ve helped dairy farms reduce feeding times with powerful and compact telescopic handers. Ask about the Manitou MLT 737 Telescopic Loader or the MLA 533 Articulated Telescopic Loader to learn more about how they're able to help.

Green Houses
For those who are looking to minimize gas emissions and have an increased capacity, our selection of electric forklifts are the perfect option!

For soil business that require high lift heights to dump material, our Manitou MLT 840 or Manitou MLA 533 models are the perfect solution! To learn more about these machines, contact our team today!

For cattle farms that need to clean their pens, we offer a variety of skid steers that are tough enough to withstand the elements. Need a telescopic loader powerful enough to meet feeding demands? Look no further! Contact our team today for more information about our cattle farming solutions.

Hay Farms
Hay farms needs a machine that can stack their hay and move at a fast enough speed to be efficient. To learn more about our solutions, reach out to our team today!

Grain Farms
For grain farmers, an articulated or straight mobile elevating work platform is needed for cleaning and maintenance of silos. We offer a lot of options from industry leading brands. To learn more about what’s available, contact our team today!

Poultry Farms
With options like our Manitou MLT 625 available for getting inside barns, cleaning, and catching, we’ve got your poultry farming needs covered. For additional cleaning needs, we offer a high-quality line-up of sweepers, scrubbers, and pressure washers.