New Farm & Ranch Workplace Legislation

Updated: Mar 11, 2016

Manitou equipment working on a farm

Recent legislation implemented January 1, 2016 in Alberta, sees new rules applied to farm and ranch operations. These changes require that Occupational Health and Safety Standards are met to ensure the safety of all paid workers while they are onsite.

Who is affected by this?
This new legislation applies to any Alberta farm or ranch producer with paid employees who are not related to the owner, such as seasonal workers. However, family members of the owner do not fall under this category, nor do neighbors who are volunteering to help out in their community.

Why did they implement this change?
The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act is designed to bring the same level of protection and compensation to non-family farm and ranch employees that is a standard in other provinces. This type of legislation makes a difference. Since it's implementation in British Columbia, farm fatalities were reduced by 68% and farm related injury rates were reduced by 52%.

How can we help?
We have a number of affordable online training courses designed to educate seasonal workers on the dangers in farm applications.

Seasonal Workers Health & Safety Working in Confined Spaces on Farms The information in this article was taken from Farm and Ranch Workplace Legislation Published on Click here to read the original article.