California CORE Zero-Emission Voucher

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

California CORE Program

Over $270 million in Incentives for Off-Road Zero-Emission Equipment

This streamlined voucher incentive project helps offset the higher cost of zero-emission technology with a point-of-sale discount. There is no scrappage requirement, and additional funding is available for charging and fueling infrastructure and for equipment deployed in disadvantaged communities.

$120,000 Base Voucher for a TICO Electric Pro-Spotter 

  • Qualified participants will receive vouchers for point-of-sale discounts on off-road zero-emission equipment .With the purchase of a new TICO Electric Pro-Spotter, you'll be eligible for a $120,000 Base Voucher.
  • There is no requirement to “scrap,” sell, or retire existing equipment.
  • Additional funding may be available for charging/refueling infrastructure, equipment operated in disadvantaged communities, and small businesses.

Additional Voucher Enhancements

Equipment deployed in Disadvantaged and Low-Income Communities (DAC) are eligible for a 10% enhancement of the equipment’s base voucher amount. Visit CARB’s Auction Proceeds Disadvantaged Communities page to see if you qualify for a DAC Enhancement.

Small businesses are eligible for a 15% enhancement of the equipment’s base voucher amount. Your business qualifies as a small business if it meets the definition in Government Code Section 14837 (d) (1) (A); a small business is defined as “having an annual revenue less than $15 million per year and 100 employees or less.”
CORE Program Add Ons